Western Power Distribution

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Western Power Distribution
HeadquartersHead Office: Avonbank, Bristol with regional offices throughout Wales, South West England and the Midlands,
Control Centre, Central Dispatch & Contact Centre Based in Lamby Way, Cardiff
Area served
Wales & South West, East Midlands & West Midlands
ProductsElectricity distribution

Western Power Distribution is the trading identity of four electricity distribution companies - WPD South West (operating in South West England), WPD South Wales (operating in South Wales) and WPD Midlands (operating in East Midlands and West Midlands). All of the companies act as the distribution network operator for their respective regions, and are registered in Bristol, England. Western Power Distribution serves approximately 7.7 million customers over its combined distribution areas.

Western Power Distribution is a subsidiary of the American utility corporation PPL.[1]

Eurocopter EC135P1 of Western Power Distribution used for line inspections (2016)

It should not be confused with WPD, a wind farm company in north-western Europe, or Western Power Corporation, an electricity distributor in Australia.

Company history[edit]

WPD South West[edit]

In 1998 WPD South West was formed from the demerger of the electricity distribution arm of SWEB.[2]

WPD South Wales[edit]

On 15 September 2000 PPL purchased Hyder for £565m and sold Welsh Water and other interests, leaving the electricity distribution arm Infralec which was renamed WPD South Wales.[2][3][4]

WPD Midlands[edit]

In April 2011 E.on's Central Networks (the Distribution Network Operator for the East & West Midlands) was purchased by PPL for £3.5 billion and rebranded as Western Power Distribution.


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