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Anything to declare?

The use of alternate accounts is controversial, with discussion on Wikipedia talk:Sock puppetry suggesting people declare their alternate accounts (not doppelgänger accounts).

Some users declare their alternate accounts openly. These are used within policy, and for completely legitimate reasons, not abusively, not to gain the upper hand in disputes etc.

There are completely legitimate reasons to have alternate accounts, such as:

If you have alternate accounts, declare them now. If you have to, then declare them to a member of the Arbitration Committee or via OTRS.

It is much better to declare if you have alternate accounts, e.g. for Wikipedia:Requests for adminship and the Arbitration Committee elections.

See also[edit]

  • Wikipedia:Clean start - discusses how a user who is not under current restrictions or blocks may stop using their current account and start using a new one
  • Wikipedia:Consequences of sock puppetry- discusses how the use of a second account, unless explicitly permitted by the rules, is a violation known to many as sock puppetry.
  • Wikipedia:Courtesy vanishing discusses how a user in good standing—upon leaving Wikipedia forever—may request renaming of their account; deletion or blanking of user pages; and possibly the deletion or blanking of discussions related to his or her conduct.
  • Wikipedia:Retiring - discusses how sometimes active users decide to retire from, or leave, Wikipedia and may return at any point,
  • Wikipedia:Single purpose account - discusses user accounts or IP editors whose editing is limited to one very narrow area or set of articles, or whose edits to many articles appear to be for a common purpose.
  • Wikipedia:Sleeper account - discusses how a sleeper account is still enabled and it is still possible to use it. However, any such use of an account must conform to Wikipedia guidelines, particularly those of sock puppetry.