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Most Bot Requests for Approval are thoroughly investigated before being approved or declined. However, in certain circumstances they are closed early. If you are reading this page it is likely that this has happened to your BRFA.

Reasons for quick closure[edit]

Although BRFA has no specific minimum requirements with regards to the operator, in general the community looks for a certain level of familiarity with the processes and norms of the English Wikipedia before a BRFA can be considered on its own merits. When a candidate fails to meet these criteria – which, in recognition of the responsibilities of a bot operator, are more stringent than in other areas of Wikipedia life – a denial can sometimes seem harsh on the suggester. This can be demoralizing for the novice bot-operator candidate and deter them from further productive contributions. This is clearly not in the best interests of Wikipedia.

Any candidate who sees that their BRFA is going to be denied may withdraw their request. A short note to this effect in the discussion section of the BRFA is usually sufficient to prevent further comment.

Things to note if your BRFA was closed quickly[edit]

  • You will be welcome to reapply when you have more experience of Wikipedia in general.
  • Comments made on a BRfA are not personal. Other editors are commenting on your suitability to be a bot operator today, based upon the current accepted norms, not on you as a person, or how good a programmer you are.
  • Many experienced and highly respected bot operators have had BRFAs denied in the past before having others approved. Do not think that a failed BRFA reflects badly on you or prejudices a future BRFA. It explicitly does not.

What to do if your BRFA was closed quickly[edit]

  • Continue to contribute to Wikipedia, and gain more experience.
  • Play around with bots that do not require approval.
  • Familiarise yourself with bot policy.

What not to do if your BRFA was closed quickly[edit]

But don't:

  • Worry about it. Again, it happens. It has happened to some of our best bot operators on their first attempts at BRFA.
  • Quit Wikipedia. You would not have submitted yourself to be a bot operator if you hated the place. A quickly closed BRFA is not a good reason to start hating it. Go back to what you were doing that made you enjoy the place, or even take a Wikibreak.
  • Refuse help. There are many great options and willing editors ready to help you grow as a Wikipedian if you decide to stick around.
  • Run the bot under your account (or unregistered) without approval.