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This page is about Wikipedia Books – books built from Wikipedia articles. You may be looking for Help:Books, WikiProject Wikipedia-Books, WikiProject Books, Wikipedia:Notability (books), Print Wikipedia, or Wikibooks.
Status last updated 12 April 2018.
Printed Wikipedia Books

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14 Category Category talk 15
100 Portal Portal talk 101
108 Book Book talk 109
118 Draft Draft talk 119
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2302 Gadget definition Gadget definition talk 2303
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A Wikipedia Book is an organized collection of Wikipedia articles that can be rendered electronically in PDF format, or ordered from an associate publisher as a printed book. The book is compiled afresh each time it is downloaded or ordered, so will always reflect the latest versions of the articles. (Some content temporarily struck out).

Each book has its own Wikipedia page, which contains a Contents list of the articles included in it together with formatting metadata. You can create a book as a sub-page in your own user space, or as a community book in the Book: namespace. Once completed, a book can be uploaded to the independent company PediaPress, where print-on-demand copies can be ordered.

At one time e-books were available in several formats. However the Offline Content Generator software became unmaintainable and buggy and was withdrawn in late 2017. A candidate replacement, called Proton, was based on the Chrome HTML-to-PDF rendering engine but proved unsuitable. In April 2018 PediaPress stepped forward to develop a viable replacement, based on a previous project of theirs. It is expected to provide limited initial functionality, with incremental improvements over time. Meanwhile, the Book Creator design tool and PediaPress print service remain available.

For information and help on Wikipedia books in general, see Help:Books (general tips) and WikiProject Wikipedia-Books (questions and assistance).


The Bookshelf lets you browse, search and view the Wikipedia Books created to date.

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Featured and good topics[edit]

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Featured topics and Good topics are collections of some of Wikipedia's best articles.

Some topics may have a dedicated book linked in the upper-left corners of the topic boxes.

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