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Welcome to the Contemporary music task force of WikiProject Classical music!



All articles that relate to Contemporary classical music written in the past 50 years or so. Also, any articles directly related to but not explicitly covered by this period.

See /Scope for ongoing discussion regarding our precise scope. (The page will be a simple statement of scope after the discussions have wound down and consensus is reached on the matter.)


Our main goal here is to improve Wikipedia articles which relate to "Contemporary classical music", often simply called Contemporary music or "New Music", and broadly defined as all classical music written from 1975 onwards. This period is sometimes called Postmodernist. Note that composers are covered by the Composers project and that operas are covered by the Opera project and this task force generally defers to those projects for these, though there will collaboration on occasion.

Basic Objectives[edit]

General Goals

  • Improve Wikipedia articles which relate to Contemporary music.
  • Improve Wikipedia's coverage of Contemporary music.
  • Develop guidelines for articles on Contemporary music (in collaboration with other task forces and wikiprojects where subjects overlap).

Specific Scope

  • This project covers all articles related to Contemporary music. Included in this are articles about Contemporary music genres, Contemporary music theory and technique, Contemporary composers and musicians, Contemporary music compositions, and the recent history of Contemporary music.

Task force related tasks[edit]

  • Welcome new members and answer their needs as best we can. Therefore, also:
    • Notice new members to CTM and discuss articles with them.
    • Recruit new members to CTM.
    • Talk to any other editors working on articles under our scope.
  • Help define goals and scope.
  • Help develop a workable system of assessing articles at Wikipedia:WikiProject Contemporary music/Assessment.
  • Propose articles in particular need of attention.
  • Recruit new members.
  • Improve templates


To join, add your name to the list of participants.

Advice to members[edit]


See the Guidelines page.


For the list of contemporary music categories, as used in bot operations, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Classical music/Contemporary music task force/Categories.


The Contemporary music task force uses a system of assessment to judge article quality. This allows us to identify pages needing attention, see our Assessment page and the Assessment log (by bot).

Task force banner[edit]

Any article within the Classical music WikiProject which falls under the scope of the Contemporary music task force should be tagged as such by changing the following to the existing WikiProject Classical music banner as follows:

{{WikiProject Classical music|contemporary=yes}}

This banner should appear:

WikiProject Classical music / Contemporary music 
WikiProject iconThis page is within the scope of WikiProject Classical music, which aims to improve, expand, copy edit, and maintain all articles related to classical music, that are not covered by other classical music related projects. Please read the guidelines for writing and maintaining articles. To participate, you can edit this article or visit the project page for more details.
Taskforce icon
This page is supported by Contemporary music task force.

The {{WikiProject Contemporary music}} (or {{Contemporary music}}) template was formerly added to talkpages. These are now redirects to the main Classical Music project banner.

Work in progress[edit]

If you would like to help this task force, please inquire on the talk page or see /Work in progress and just make a start.

For articles needing immediate attention see /Articles with issues for a list of identified issues that need resolving.

DASHBot is creating a list of unreferenced BLPs categorised as falling under this task force's care. See /Unreferenced BLPs for the list.