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This is a tool to perform deletion sorting.


To install the script, add the following text to your scripts page, and then bypass your cache.

importScript('User:Fox Wilson/delsort.js'); // Deletion sorting script [[WP:FWDS]]

If you are using the Monobook skin, use:

importScript('User:Fox Wilson/delsort-monobook.js'); // Deletion sorting script [[WP:FWDS]]


This script only works on pages with the prefix "Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/". When you navigate to a deletion discussion page, click on the drop-down menu at the top. You should see a "delsort" option and many different options for deletion sorting categories. To sort the deletion discussion into one of the deletion-sorting categories, simply click on the category name from the drop-down menu. If the deletion-sorting category you want isn't in the drop down menu, click on the "delsort" option and type in the name of the category. (See the complete lists of deletion-sorting categories organised by topic and organized alphabetically.)


If you want to customize the list of delsorts, just add

// add TheDelsortCategoryGoesHere to the delsort list
window.addEventListener('load', function(){
}, false);

to your common.js. It is possible to use several defineLink() lines, each with a different category name. Note: this will only add new lines to the list; you cannot alter or remove the default lines.


If you have any questions about the script, please ask at User talk:Fox Wilson.