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Original research is material saved in article space for which no reliable published source exists, or material that is combined from reliable published sources to advance a position not advanced by the sources themselves.

The addition of original research is a violation of Wikipedia policy. Wikipedia is relied upon by millions as an accurate source of information. Original research compromises it.

Tagging original research[edit]

Tagging particular sentences:

  • {{or}} for a statement believed to be original research
  • {{cn}} for when a citation is needed
  • {{dubious}} for when a statement is dubious

Tagging articles:

  • {{original research}} for articles believed to contain a significant amount of original research
  • {{unref}} for entire articles
  • {{inline}} for articles that list sources but have no inline citations

Removal of information[edit]

If a tag is added, and no sources are provided for seven days, it may be removed, unless the material is clearly false, ridiculous, or offensive, in which case remove it immediately. Any unsourced contentious material in biographies of living persons must be removed immediately. Entire articles full of original research with no citations may be speedy deleted, prodded, or nominated for deletion.

Warning contributors[edit]

Contributors of original research should be warned on their user talk pages. Persistent offenders may be blocked from editing in accordance with Wikipedia's blocking policy.