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For links to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), there are the following templates:

Template Example code Example rendered
Template:IMDb title (links, talk) {{IMDb title|0094721|Beetlejuice}} Beetle Juice on IMDb
Template:IMDb name (links, talk) {{IMDb name|0000197|Jack Nicholson}} Jack Nicholson on IMDb
{{IMDb name|0000197|Jack Nicholson|section=bio}} Biography for Jack Nicholson on IMDb
Template:IMDb company (links, talk) {{IMDb company|0005073|Universal Pictures}} Universal Pictures on IMDb
Template:IMDb episode (links, talk) ''Cheers'' episode {{IMDb episode|0539826|One for the Road}} Cheers episode "One for the Road" on IMDb
Template:IMDb episodes (links, talk) {{IMDb episodes|0411008|Lost}} List of Lost episodes on IMDb
Template:IMDb event (links, talk) {{IMDb event|0000453|MTV Movie Awards}} MTV Movie Awards on IMDb

Further instructions about the use of these templates can be found on their respective document pages.

Interwiki links[edit]

The following interwiki links allow links as well:

[[IMDbName:Name id]] 
e.g. IMDbName:0000197 (Jack Nicholson)
[[IMDbTitle:Title id]]
e.g. IMDbTitle:0094721 (Beetle Juice)
[[IMDbCompany:Company id]]
e.g. IMDbCompany:0005073 (Universal Pictures)
[[IMDbCharacter:Character id]]
e.g. IMDbCharacter:0002425 (Austin Powers)

See meta:Interwiki map.

IMDb external link icon[edit]

If you have a browser that shows the external link icon (External.png) then you can set any IMDb links to show its own icon (IMDb external.png)

See also m:Help:User style for more info on CSS selectors.

Edit your monobook.css and add:

#bodyContent a.extiw[href ^=""],
#bodyContent a.external[href *=""],
#bodyContent a.external[href *=""] {
        background: url( center right no-repeat;
        padding-right: 13px;

Once you save the page, you may need to hold Shift and click Reload.

If you do not want interwiki links to show the icon, eliminate the a.extiw entry

Please see help on m:Help:User style


Do you see it here on this plain link?
or on this interwiki link?

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