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For linking to other Wikimedia projects, see Help:Interwikimedia links
For the original proposal on linking to other wikis, see Wikipedia:Linking to other wikis/old proposal

This is a proposal for an optional style (formatting) that can be used when linking to wikis not hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Such links would still have to comply with the usual guidelines for external links, especially the rule about open wikis.

A normal link to an external wiki looks like any other external link. Some editors believe that there should be an available option to distinguish such links.

Proposed rationale[edit]

To assist in connecting Wikipedia with external wikis that share our free content goals. There are many reasons for doing this, depending on the subject, utility of the wiki, etc.

One example for fiction is when many editors wish to expand on details on works of fiction that might not be notable. With the strong desire to generate this content, an outlet for these editors (and readers) is desired.

The same example for fiction can be said for other topics, such as articles relating to locations and traveling readers. Travel-guide-like advice is normally avoided on Wikipedia, but many editors don't know this right away, and readers will wonder where such information is. Providing an outlet for this information can also be seen as showing readers and editors that everything has a place, it just might not be here on Wikipedia (in the same way we direct people to Wiktionary for dictionary entries within the Wikimedia family).

Many links that are particularly useful have been placed for easy/noticeable access, such as IMDb links in infoboxes, official websites, technical help, ratings in the album infobox, etc. The nature of a link, how it relates to the topic of the article, and the benefit it has for the readers, can justify a distinction for a link.

Related discussions[edit]

Proposed styles[edit]

Everyone is strongly encouraged to add to these proposals.


The Template:FreeContentMeta method. Uses a box similar to the one used for Wikimedia sister projects, but has a different background color. Example:

Modified FreeContentMeta[edit]

A modified version of FreeContentMeta that would allow more than one wiki to be linked within the box, and notes there is no official relation with Wikipedia. Example:

In-line EL with WIKI icon[edit]

A template that can be used as if the link were a normal EL line, but with a small icon/note that says "WIKI" on the side. Example:

(Could be used on other side as well)


With or without any style changes to the link itself, there is the option of creating a (level 3) ===Third-party wikis=== subsection.


Link to the wiki within the nav-template used for that series of articles. Example: needs example

Top box[edit]

A small box at the top of the article. Example:

Talk page[edit]

The wiki links on the article itself would remain plain, but could have a special note/box on the article's talk page. Example with small option:

Wikify logo-2.svg NinWiki has an article on Year Zero.
Wikify logo-2.svg NinWiki has an article on Year Zero.