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Interference Archive
When and Where
When:14 October 2018
Time2PM - 5PM
Where:314 7th Street
Brooklyn, New York

In honor of Indigenous Peoples' Day and Anti-Thanksgiving, the Interference Archive and Wikimedia NYC are holding a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on the theme of Indigenous peoples’ movement histories. Across settler-colonial geographies, Indigenous peoples’ histories have largely been misrepresented. This misrepresentation has enabled and concealed acts of violence against Indigenous peoples in many forms – from environmental contamination to forced relocation.

In an effort to learn from and support the myriad movements that have arisen in response to this violence, we will glean relevant information from the collection at Interference Archive to share through Wikipedia. Our objective is to make information and documentation related to Indigenous peoples’ movement histories more accessible for current and future movement makers, educators, and learners.

Snacks will be provided. Childcare is available if requested in by October 9, 2018.

No experience editing Wikipedia is required but please bring a laptop! Experienced Wikipedians will be around to help out, and we’ll be starting the edit-a-thon at 2pm with a brief tutorial to cover the basics.

Articles to Create/Edit[edit]

Interference Resources: Subject Files - Zapatista

Interference Resources: Political Pamphlets - Indigenous Resistance

Articles to Create

Interference Resources: Political Pamphlets - Indigenous Resistance / Serials - Native American Indigenous - Akwesasne Notes 1974-1977 (Big Mountain News)

Interference Resources: Serial - Native American Indigenous - Akwesasne Notes 1974-1977 (Black Hills Papa Sapa Report & Akwasasne Notes) / Native American Indigenous - Akwesasne Notes 1979-1981 / Political Pamphlets - Indigenous Resistance

Interference Resources: Climate Justice Flat-files

For context and more ideas, also see:


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