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Wikimedia New York City

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Wikipedia NYC Meetup event & outreach page of Wikimedia NYC local chapter of NYC metro area
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Region of Wikimedia New York City activities

The Wikimedia New York City organization is an official chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, known for being the parent organization behind Wikipedia. The goal of the chapter is to support the New York tri-state area with educational initiatives, development of free culture, providing free central knowledge, and advocating for the best interests of the community.


Wikimedia New York City is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and local Wikimedia chapter for New York City and the New York metropolitan area.

The mission of Wikimedia NYC shall be to promote the progress of free content, and especially Wikipedia and the various Wikimedia Foundation projects, in the local community (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania), by:

  • Engaging in a wide range of educational initiatives teaching how to use and contribute to free content projects;
  • Expanding access to and use of free content projects at all levels of the local community;
  • Promoting free content development in local cultural institutions;
  • Providing a forum for knowledge sharing among contributors to free content projects;
  • Developing and leading initiatives for the expansion of educational content under a free license or in the public domain;
  • Advocating for the best interests of free content creators and consumers in the local community

Contact us[edit]

Wikimedia New York City, Inc. as an organization is an independent entity of the Wikimedia Foundation, the charity that operates sites such as the English Wikipedia. Wikimedia New York City has absolutely no editorial control over the contents of websites managed by the Foundation. If you wish to contact the Wikimedia Foundation, please see their contact page.

Code of Conduct[edit]

All members and event attendees are subject to Wikimedia NYC's Code of Conduct

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see also: Board on Meta
for elections to the WM NYC Board, see: Wikimedia New York City Elections

The Board of Directors is responsible for the every day operations of the chapter. Members of the Board act as Directors of the company and as trustees. The original incorporators signed our non-profit charter in March 2009. Elections are typically held in September.

2018-2019 Wikimedia New York City Board of Directors[edit]

2017-2018 Wikimedia New York City Board of Directors)
2016-2017 Wikimedia New York City Board of Directors)

This board was elected 14 September 2016 at the annual meeting. Officer were selected 18 October 2015

2015-2016 Wikimedia New York City Board of Directors)

For a list of other participants, please see Participants list on Meta

Board meeting minutes[edit]



  • January 10, 2017: Etherpad
  • March 19, 2017: March 2017
  • May 1, 2017: notes
  • May 18,2017: (notes intentionally not published)
  • June 17, 2017: meeting with WMF guest and board meeting
  • July 1, 2017 board retreat



WikiWednesday minutes[edit]

Chapter business is often discussed at these regular meetings


Wikimedia Foundation Grantmaking
See also PEG Grants (2009-2014)


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