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Part 1[edit]

There have been a number of AfD nominations in recent months suggesting that articles should be deleted, for example, due to "lack of sources" or being "badly written." As long as the topic of the article is appropriate for Wikipedia, the article should never, ever, ever be deleted. Even if the whole article is a copyright violation, remove the violation and turn it back into a stub. If there are no sources, add citation requests to the article and work on finding sources. If it is badly written, rewrite it!

Part 2[edit]

Another issue is the use of essays like this one as grounds for the deletion of an article. Many Wikipedians have made statements such as "Delete per WP:Fancruft." This is, of course, ridiculous: Fancruft is an essay, not a guideline. Wikipedia does have guidelines for how various sorts of "cruft" should be treated, and thus citing an essay (falsely) as a Wikipedia rule is unnecessary.