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The purpose of this guideline is to provide criteria for assessing the notability of publishers. The criteria are not intended to be exhaustive and a publisher may be notable without satisfying these criteria.

For the purposes of this guideline, a publication is a book or any other document whatsoever that has been published. References in this guideline to publishing a publication do not include self-publishing a publication. References in this guideline to a publisher do not include a vanity press, vanity publisher or subsidy publisher.

The criteria might not be applicable to the publication of reprints.


A publisher is notable if they have published a notable individual publication or a series[1] of publications that are collectively notable.[2]

Reviews[3] of publications count towards the notability of the publisher.[4]

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  1. ^ This includes a periodical or a collection of publications such as an imprint or a "trilogy".
  2. ^ An article on the publisher provides context for an article on a publication. This criterion is also a corollary of the next criterion.
  3. ^ This includes any form of commentary
  4. ^ Critical appraisal of a publication is critical appraisal of those responsible for it. An article on a publisher can include a bibliography of their publications.