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Recently, there have been several cases in which various Wikipedia articles have been nominated for deletion multiple times. Some Wikipedia users have expressed concern that the repeated nomination of articles for deletion is disruptive and/or shows a lack of concern for community consensus. Current deletion policy states that repeated AFD attempts may under some circumstances be considered disruptive, but does not give any specific guidance regarding latency between listings. This proposal is an attempt to provide such guidance.

Repeated AFD Attempts[edit]

An article may survive an AFD nomination by either a consensus to Keep, or by a No Consensus vote. (This does not take into account redirects, merges, and other intermediate sanctions.)

  • Any article that has received a solid consensus to Keep shall not be renominated for AFD for a period of one year from the closing of the previous AFD.
  • Any article that has received a vote of No Consensus shall not be renominated for AFD for a period of 90 days from the closing of the previous AFD.
  • Any deletion attempt violating the above rules is subject to closure and removal by any editor. Repeated attempts to do so after being warned to stop may constitute vandalism.
  • Nothing in any of the above proposals requires any deletion nominations to be performed, even when the criteria are met. Only nominate an article for deletion if you want it to be deleted and believe that there is a reasonable chance that community consensus will do so.

Logical Representation (Pseudocode)[edit]

void AFD (char *Title, result_t AFDLastResult, int DaysSinceLastAttempt)
  if (
      ((AFDLastResult == KEEP)         && (DaysSinceLastAttempt < 365)) ||
      ((AFDLastResult == NO_CONSENSUS) && (DaysSinceLastAttempt < 90)) 
     /* Warn user not to nominate article */
     printf ("Please do not nominate this article for deletion.\n");
     /* Nominate article for deletion, if desired */
     InvokeArticleForDeletion (Title);