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WikiGuard screenshot.png
Developer(s)Brad Beattie
Stable release
Beta 4 / January 11th, 2007
Operating systemMac OS X v10.4
TypeWikipedia Tools
WebsiteOn SourceForge

WikiGuard is an application that is designed to reduce the time required to find and revert vandalism on Wikipedia. It was inspired by Vandal Fighter and Vandal Proof, but is built using Core Data for Mac OS X. This difference brings the strengths of that API to the task of monitoring recent changes.


Upon launching, WikiGuard connects and listens to the IRC feed of recent changes. The user selects an edit to view and reports back to the application their judgement of the edit. Users that are judged as vandals are considered higher risk as are articles that are frequently vandalized. The long-term effect is that high-risk edits are more easily located.

Current state of the project[edit]

The current version available on SourceForge as of November 2009 is not usable. However, a new version is under development by UncleDouggie (talk · contribs).

Developers and testers[edit]

This application is in active development. If you're interested in contributing or testing, please leave a message on the SourceForge project page.


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WikiGuardThis user fights vandals with WikiGuard.

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