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This is a list of participants in WikiProject Forestry. Please feel free to join the WikiProject by placing your name and area of interest/ expertise below.


  1. Guettarda (forest ecology)
  2. Duff (forest ecology, arboriculture)
  3. Yazan (Middle Eastern forests)
  4. Cerebellum (All aspects of forestry)
  5. Farjad0322 (South Asian forests)
  6. DASonnenfeld (history of forestry, world forestry, social forestry)
  7. Tea with toast (話) (Just a tree lover who would like to see forestry articles improved on Wikipedia)
  8. MADaboutforests (Forest Entomology, Forest Ecology)
  9. The Interior (former treeplanter, wildland firefighter, surveyor - would love to improve forestry topics related to Canada and British Columbia)
  10. Mateinsixtynine (Christmas tree farming, varieties of evergreens, pests)
  11. Nightphoenix90 (All aspects of Forestry)
  12. PAT6592 (Most aspects of forestry, in particular in Tasmania, Australia and farm forestry)
  13. Frank R 1981 (Tree taxonomy, forests (especially neotropical forests))
  14. Ewa hermanowicz (Communication of Forest science, European Forest Genetic Resources Programme)
  15. ILoveCaracas
  16. Million Moments (forest pest and diseases, Irish forestry)


  1. Minnecologies (forest hydrology and modelling)
  2. Star-Syrup (Forest Ecology and Management)
  3. Cedarfalls (talk) (Forest management, British Columbia)
  4. Interest in environmental history, Joachim Radkau and cultural aspects. Contributions to Forestry, Holznot, de:Der deutsche Wald and de:Waldsterben, and interest to translate them. Serten II (talk) 15:05, 5 January 2015 (UTC) Pius Walder is the next one to come. Serten II (talk) 15:18, 5 January 2015 (UTC)
  5. DerekELee (talk) 08:40, 16 September 2016 (UTC) (forest wildlife and fire ecology, particularly western North American forests)
  6. McCoppin (forestry student, still learning)
  7. Ccmarathe (Forest Ecology, Taxonomy and Wildlife)


  1. The Ent (reforestation)
  2. Isiaunia (World Forestry Congress)
  3. Pat604 (Permaforestry)
  4. P. Radtke (Mensuration, Biometry)
  5. AFriedman (talk) (forest ecology)
  6. rfernand9 (Representing the Committee of Earth Observing Systems Working Group on Calibration and Validation)
  7. Poshrainbib (Forestry in the US, Remote sensing/GIS)
  8. tree_lady1 (Forest management, Sustainable forestry, Forest certification, Forest conservation, Silviculture)