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Tag & Assess 2008 is now closed

Please help improve the next Tag & Assess drive by joining the workshop

Drive coordinator/s: Ncmvocalist (talk)

Welcome to Tag & Assess 2008! Here's what it's all about. The India WikiProject has about 20,000 stub and start articles, built up over the last few years. The time has come for comprehensive housekeeping and that's what this drive is all about. The drive will run from 6 June to 28 July 2008. The purpose is three-fold:

  1. to ensure that all the articles are within our scope;
  2. to ensure that they are correctly tagged for task forces;
  3. and to ensure that they are correctly assessed for class and importance.

You join up by (A) adding your name to the participants' list and (B) adopting one of the ranges of 200 articles in the worklists below. You then work through the range, tagging and assessing, following the instructions below. Each range is broken down into bite-sized sub-sections of ten articles each, so it's easy to keep track of where you are. At first, it will take about a minute to check each article but, with a bit of practice, people get much faster than that.

If you have any queries about scope, class or task forces, please raise them on the talk page. Alternatively, leave a message on the talk page of one of the drive coordinators.

The rewards[edit]

We will be presenting various tokens of our appreciation based on the number of articles you work through. The tokens and awards are cumulative. To add a bit of friendly competition, the three editors who tag and assess the most articles by the drive closing date will be awarded bronze, silver and gold wikis. The drive coordinators will administer these and by default will post them on your talk page within a few days of the end of the drive, or may post them earlier.

(A) Participants[edit]

Please add your name below, using the {{User0|"Your name"}} template. Then add a running total (tally) of articles worked on. This tally should include articles that you have evaluated and needed no changes, as well as those that you have re-assessed. It will be the basis for awards. For an example of how to set this up, check how the coordinator's name and tally is placed in the list below. It will be clearer when you click the "edit" link near this section.

  1. Ncmvocalist (talk) - 200
  2. Tinucherian (talk) - 200
  3. GDibyendu (talk) - 2200
  4. Mspraveen (talk) - 500
  5. OhanaUnited (talk) 90
  6. Thedagomar (talk) - 0
  7. Gimme_danger (talk) - 17
  8. Ganeshk (talk) - 200
  9. StewieGriffin! (talk) - 21
  10. Dwaipayanc (talk) - 200
    Rnkroy (talk) - Indefinitely Blocked Sockpuppet
    Kjaggu (talk) - Retired
  11. RegentsPark (talk) - 200
  12. Nmadhubala (talk) - 310
  13. Dralansun (talk) - 0
  14. Naveenpf (talk) - 10
  15. Faizhaider (talk) - 1000
  16. Amartyabag (talk) - 50
    P.K.Niyogi (talk) - Retired
  17. Hdgcfcf (talk) - 0
  18. Salilb (talk) - 400
  19. Suyogaerospace (talk) - 0
  20. Vamooom (talk) 200

(B) Worklists[edit]

To make it easier to pick up where you leave off, and to avoid edit conflicts, please "adopt a range" in the Worklists below - each of the worklists will have instructions on assessment, and the link to the assessment criteria. For an example on how to adopt a worklist, check how the coordinator has adopted the first Worklist (1-200). It will be clearer when you click the "edit" link near this section. NOTE: Please only adopt 1 worklist at a time - you may adopt another worklist upon completing your first worklist.

Worklist A: 1–10000
Range adopted Editor's name  50 100 150 200
1–200 Ncmvocalist (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
201–400 Tinucherian (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
401–600 GDibyendu (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
601–800 Mspraveen (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
801–1000 Thedagomar (t c) Doing...
1001–1200 Gimme danger (t c)  Working
1201–1400 Mspraveen (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
1401–1600 GDibyendu (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
1601–1800 Tinucherian (t c) Doing...
1801–2000 Dwaipayanc (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
2001–2200 OhanaUnited (t c)  Done  Done  Working
2201–2400 GDibyendu (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
2401–2600 Nmadhubala (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
2601–2800 GDibyendu (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
2801–3000 Amartyabag (t c)  Done Doing...
3001–3200 GDibyendu (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
3201–3400 Faizhaider (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
3401–3600 GDibyendu (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
3601–3800 Salilb (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
3801–4000 Salilb (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
4001–4200 Ganeshk (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
4201–4400 Tinucherian (t c)  Working
4401–4600 Vamooom (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
4601–4800 Faizhaider (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
4801–5000 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
5001–5200 Mspraveen (t c)  Done  Done  Working
5201–5400 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
5401–5600 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
5601–5800 Suyogaerospace (t c)  Working
5801–6000 GDibyendu (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
6001–6200 GDibyendu (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
6201–6400 Faizhaider (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
6401–6600 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
6601–6800 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
6801–7000 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
7001–7200 Naveenpf (t c)  Working
7201–7400 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
7401–7600 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
7601–7800 Faizhaider (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
7801–8000 RegentsPark (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
8001–8200 GDibyendu (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
8201–8400 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
8401–8600 GDibyendu (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
8601–8800 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
8801–9000 GDibyendu (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
9001–9200 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
9201–9400 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
9401–9600 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
9601–9800 Faizhaider (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
9801–10000 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)