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This project is defunct; automated tools running on the toolserver can do a better job more quickly and efficiently.


This project's aim is to increase the number and quality of interlanguage links in Wikipedia articles. Interlanguage links are links from an article in one Wikipedia language to the same subject in another Wikipedia language - for example potato in the English-language wikipedia and pomme de terre in the French-language version.

Planned activities include:

  • Locating and removing invalid interlanguage links
  • Adding new interlanguage links between relevant articles
  • Identifying articles in particular need of interlanguage links


Created August 2007, has active tasks.

To do[edit]

Generate lists of suggestions for interlanguage links, explore new methods of doing same and to boldly go where pas de hombre has gone before.

  • Existing interlanguages links that possibly should not be:
  • Interlanguage links that possibly should exist:
    • Suggested reciprocal links (A:X links to B:Y, should B:Y link back to A:X ?)
    • Potential commutations (A:X links to B:X and C:X. Should B:X should link to C:X also?)
    • Induced links (A:X links to B:X and B:X links to C:X. Should A:X link to C:X?)
  • Interlanguage links that are possibly incorrect
    • Inconsistent interlanguage links (A:X links to B:X, but B:X links to A:Y)
    • Pages that link more than once to the same language (A:X links to B:X and B:Y)
    • Pages that are linked to from multiple page in a given language (Both A:X and A:Y link to B:X)



Add yourself to the list below if you'd like to help out.

Scripts and tools[edit]

  • The script used to generate lists of suggested interlanguage links
  • Tool to find articles with same name but without interwikis
  • Tool to find pages without interwiki in particular category

General strategy and discussion forums[edit]


The average number of interlanguage links per page per given wikipedia language varies greatly. Far and away the 'worst' is the English-language version, partly because there are many pages in it for which no article exists in another language, but also because those for whom a variant of English is their native tongue often only speak that language.

Number of interlanguage links in the ten largest wikipedias languages
Date   en de es fr it nl ja pl pt sv
August 2007 #pages 9786449 1690876 689972 1486138 971594 733627 945304 695312 1072890 520524
#langlinks 3655600 2717402 1979032 2777222 2133302 2181358 1867345 2257970 1912761 1750303
#langlinks/page 0.374 1.607 2.863 1.869 2.196 2.973 1.976 3.247 1.783 3.363