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New featured articles

Yugoslav destroyer Dubrovnik (left) after being captured by Italian forces in April 1941
Spalding War Memorial (HJ Mitchell
Another in Harry's war memorial series covers one considerably different to architect Sir Edwin Lutyens' usual style. The Spalding War Memorial was initiated by a family who had lost a son during World War I and is centred around a reflecting pool. While the memorial fell into relative obscurity, it is now a heritage-listed site like all of Lutyens' other memorials. The article passed an ACR before gaining featured status.
Richard Feynman (DVdm & Hawkeye7
Originally a featured article in 2004, this article on a Nobel-Prize-winning physicist was demoted in 2006 and has now returned to its former status as part of Hawkeye's series of articles related to the Manhattan Project, this time in collaboration with DVdm. In the nomination statement, Hawkeye noted that "in terms of page views", Feynman "ranks above all other winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics except Albert Einstein and Marie Curie! He also ranks ahead of all the Manhattan Project people except Robert Oppenheimer".
Operation Paravane (Nick-D
Part of yet another series, this time on operations against the German battleship Tirpitz, Operation Paravane was the last attack conducted while she was based at Kaafjord, Norway, in 1944. The raid was a complex affair, and involved both of the Royal Air Force's elite heavy bomber squadrons. Staging through a bed-bug ridden base in a remote area of northern Russia, the bombers only managed a single hit on the battleship but this proved sufficient to end her seagoing career. The article passed ACR prior to FAC.
SMS Schwaben (Parsecboy
Another in Parsecboy's series on German capital ships, Schwaben was used as a guard and training ship during World War I. Following the war she served as a depot ship for minesweepers before being scrapped. Parsecboy took the article though GAN and ACR before FAC.
Yugoslav destroyer Dubrovnik (Peacemaker67
The latest in Peacemaker's series of articles on Yugoslav warships covers the only destroyer leader built for the Kingdom of Yugoslavia between the world wars. The ship was captured by Italian forces in 1941 and used successfully by the Italian Navy. She was seized by Germany in 1943, and remained in service until being scuttled in the closing days of the war. The article passed both GAN and ACR before achieving FA status.

New featured lists

Fritz Bayerlein, a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, pictured in March 1944
List of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross recipients (Ba–Bm) (MisterBee1966
A welcome return to these pages by nominator MisterBee, this list is the latest in his long-running series summarising the recipients of Nazi Germany's highest military award to achieve featured status. The list passed an ACR before undergoing its successful FLC.

New A-class articles

The main gate at Los Alamos, the site of Project Y
A lithograph depicting the Siege of Arrah
Jastrebarsko concentration camp (Peacemaker67
The Jastrebarsko concentration camp was one of several children's concentration camps established by the Croatian fascist Ustase regime for Serb children in the Axis puppet Independent State of Croatia during World War II. At least 450 children died at the camp in its short history. It was partially liberated by the Yugoslav Partisans, which caused it to be closed down, with the children largely farmed out to sympathetic families.
List of ships of the Royal Yugoslav Navy (Peacemaker67
This list sets out all of the vessels other than hulks, tugs and small patrol craft used by the Royal Yugoslav Navy between 1921 and 1945. In his nomination statement, Peacemaker stated that the article is "one of the final pieces of a project I've been working on for several years, a Good Topic on the Royal Yugoslav Navy".
Project Y (Hawkeye7
Marking something of the end of the era, Hawkeye described this as "the last of my series of Manhattan Project articles" in his nomination statement. Fittingly, it covers a core element of this topic: the famous facilities at Los Alamos in New Mexico where much of the work in designing and building the first atomic bombs took place.
Operation Retribution (1941) (Peacemaker67
Peacemaker's third appearance in this month's list is for an article covering the devastating series of German air raids conducted on Belgrade between 6 and 8 April 1941. These attacks resulted in the destruction of large parts of thy city and the deaths of thousands of civilians. Brave but ultimately futile resistance was put up by the pilots of the Royal Yugoslav Air Force. The main Luftwaffe commander responsible was captured by the Yugoslavs at the end of the war, and subsequently tried and executed. Scars from the bombing were still visible in 2008.
Iazyges (Iazyges
Iazyges' "namesake article" provides a history ancient Sarmatian tribe who travelled westward from Central Asia onto the steppes of what is now Ukraine in c. 200 BC. The tribe migrated further west in c. 44 BC, and spent at least the next 200 years alternating between being allied and at war with the Roman Empire. Little is known of their history from about 358 AD.
Siege of Arrah (Exemplo347
The Siege of Arrah was the eight-day defence of a fortified outbuilding during the Indian Mutiny in 1857. A small British force of 18 civilians and 50 members of the Bengal Military Police Battalion managed to hold out against 2,500–3,000 mutinying Bengal Native Infantry sepoys from three regiments and an estimated 8,000 men from irregular forces. This nomination became Exemplo347's first A-class article.
Battle of Antioch (218) (Mr rnddude
One of the many battles conducted for control of the strategic city of Antioch, this particular engagement was fought between the Roman armies of the Emperor Macrinus and his rival Elagabalus. Macrinus' forces were defeated during the battle, leading to to the downfall of the emperor and his replacement by Elagabalus. This is also Mr rnddude's first A-class article.
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