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India Patna, Bihar, India
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WikiProject Patna is a project that was launched on 12 September 2008 by Be.human, aims primarily to create, fill out, build, edit, construct, and modify articles about Patna and Greater Patna Region. Patna is one of the oldest city of world and has many places of interest, significant events and interesting people that have helped form the unique character and style of the city.

As of 18 June 2019, there are 436 articles within the scope of WikiProject Patna. Including non-article pages, such as talk pages, redirects, categories, etc., there are 1,288 pages in the project.

If you would like to join this project, we would love your help, so please add your name to the list below, and look at the to-do list for some suggestions on articles that you may be able to help with.

Nuvola apps kuser.svg Coordinators
Ivecos (Talk)-(Contribution)-(Email)
The Coords keep the project pages on their watchlists, welcome new participants, maintain lists, keep the discussions tidy, on track, and on the right pages, and check for signatures and page links, and develop sub pages and templates as required, etc. - nothing much more than any expereinced project member can do. Coords offer their own suggestions and opinions in the normal way. Please post queries first on the WikiProject talk page. Do contact coordinators on their usertalk page if you have any unanswered queries or clarifications.


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General info. (edit · changes)

Patna article statistics

This list is generated automatically every night around 3 AM UTC.

The scope of this article fundamentally is loosely defined as all articles and sections relating to Greater Patna Region/Patna Metropolitan Region(Sonpur, Maner, Danapur, Paliganj, Hajipur, Khagaul, Patna and Bihta) and Patna district. Almost all of these will be (eventually) categorised under Category:Patna, Category:Patna district, Category:Bihar and Category:India.

The scope of this project


There are still lots of articles to be assessed and tagged! Check out the directory at the bottom if you want to help (Category:WikiProject Patna). See also: Template: {{WikiProject Patna}}, below.


The parents of this WikiProject are WikiProject Cities, and WikiProject India whose relevance is somewhat limited vis-a-vis documenting a single very large city and the many communities within it.

At a state level, the parent of this project is WikiProject Bihar.


This WikiProject aims to help organize and contribute to the growing collection of articles about Patna.

This can be achieved by:

  • Coordinate:

Article to be created[edit]

Manual of Style[edit]

Indic scripts in lead[edit]

There is community consensus that the lead sentence of an article should not contain any regional or Indic language script. It is suggested that IPA be used for help with pronunciation. For details, refer to this RfC: Native languages in lead.

Article updates[edit]


No Article alerts at this time.

Project Progress[edit]

Assess all articles98.6% complete
Get all articles at least Start class60.5% complete
15% of all articles rated B-Class or better: 45.6% complete
1 GA-Class article0% complete


Anyone who is interested to improve Patna-related articles can join this project. To add your name, click "edit source" and add your name at the bottom of the list given below, with a short message about areas of interest.

P social sciences.pngParticipants[edit]

Please add your name to this list using # {{user|username}}

01. Be.human (talk · contribs) (Join date- 12/09/08) Inactive!

02. Manoj_nav (talk · contribs) (Join date- 27/09/08) Inactive!

03. Maverick.Mohit (talk · contribs) (Join date- 24/02/11) Inactive!

04. Abhinav paulite (talk · contribs) (Join date- 15/04/11)

05. Ivecos (talk · contribs) (Join date- 06/06/13)

06. Extra999 (talk · contribs) (Join date- 01/09/13)

07. Abhi.analyst (talk · contribs) (Join date- 09/09/13) Inactive!

08. Oliver gedin (talk · contribs) (Join date- 08/12/13) Inactive!

09. Atultherajput (talk · contribs) (Join date- 14/12/13) Inactive!

10. Bishwa_777 (talk · contribs) (Join date- 25/19/13) Inactive!

11. Anupmehra (talk · contribs) (Join date- 17/01/14)

12. Yahvi (talk · contribs) (Join date- 23/01/14) Inactive!

13. SAUDES (talk · contribs) (Join date- 10/03/14) Inactive!

14. Ahmad5.farah (talk · contribs) (Join date- 14/03/14) blocked

15. Abhifrm.masaurhi (talk · contribs) (Join date- 13/09/14) Inactive!

16. Tom1cruz (talk · contribs) (Join date-01/12/2014) Inactive!

17. SmTkMrVrA (talk · contribs) (Join date- 27/10/2015) Inactive!

18. Vraj75693 (talk · contribs) (Join date- 05/06/2016) Inactive!

19. PratyushSinha101 (talk · contribs) (Join date- 07/07/2016)

20. Nihoyari (talk · contribs) (Join date- 16/09/2016) blocked

21. Pratty (talk · contribs) (Join date- 17/04/2017)

# Inactive Includes those members of the project who have not edited for at least three months; it is manually updated on a periodic basis. Please feel free to remove inactive notice upon your return.

Member userbox[edit]

You may place {{User member of WikiProject Patna}} on your user page to display the following userbox:

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This template will add your user page to:

WikiProject Patna invitation[edit]

To be placed on User talk pages of users who you have noticed contribute regularly to India related articles, if they decide to join they will list themselves on the list of participants.

{{subst:WikiProject Patna invitation|ts=~~~~}} or {{subst:patinv|ts=~~~~}}

{{subst:#if: WikiProject Patna invitation|== WikiProject Patna invitation ==}}

Descendant WikiProjects[edit]

No descendant WikiProjects have been defined.

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WikiProject Award[edit]

If you notice someone making outstanding contributions to this project or any of the descendant WikiProjects, please feel free to give them any of the following barnstars.

Patna templates[edit]

Template Result
{{Tourist attractions in Patna}}
{{Neighbourhoods of Patna}}
{{Schools in Patna}}

Naming conventions[edit]


Refer to

WikiProject Patna notice[edit]

Place this WikiProject notice {{WikiProject India}} at the top of an article's Talk page to direct editors to the WikiProject Patna for guidelines.

To use it, place {{WikiProject India|class=Start|importance=|bihar=yes|bihar-importance=}} {{WikiProject Patna|class=|importance=}} at the top of an article's Talk page. It will produce:

WikiProject India / Bihar (Rated Start-class)
WikiProject iconThis page is within the scope of WikiProject India, which aims to improve Wikipedia's coverage of India-related topics. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page.
Start-Class article Start  This page does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.
This page is supported by WikiProject Bihar.
WikiProject Patna (Rated Project-class)
WikiProject iconThis page is within the scope of WikiProject Patna, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Patna and related articles on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
 Project  This page does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.

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