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PW Sources
Below is a guide for sources to be used within professional wrestling articles established by consensus among participants of WikiProject Professional wrestling. Please discuss this guide on the WikiProject talk page if you have any ideas about how to fine tune these guidelines. Only use reliable sources to verify facts and claims in articles; if a claim is not verified by a source deemed reliable, it could be challenged and removed.

Search all reliable secondary sources for professional wrestling.

Search only websites dedicated to covering professional wrestling.

Search only mainstream websites.

Official promotion websites[edit]


  • Wayback Machine – A great way to find information from a reliable source that may have been deleted. This website can also be used to archive webpages.
  • – Same usage as above. If you cannot find an archived version of a webpage on one, try the other.
  • – About the same as the two above, but not as easy to search.
  • FindArticles – May be useful for finding articles on a specific subject.

Reliable sources[edit]

Industry specific[edit]

Name Media Years Language Notes Owner
Box y Lucha Online, Print 1954– Spanish The magazine and website has an established staff of writers.
Pro Wrestling Illustrated Online, Print 1979– English The magazine and website has an established staff of writers. Kappa Publishing Group
Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online Online, Print 1980– English The newsletter released by Dave Meltzer and its website, co-authored by Bryan Alvarez; reliable for results and historical information. Independent
Pro Wrestling Torch Online, Print 1987– English This organization has an established staff of writers and newsletter. TDH Communications Inc.
Super Luchas Online, Print 1991– Spanish Former print magazine with an established, documented editorial process. Independent
WrestleView Online 1997– English Has an established staff and editors. Independent Online 2001– English, German Marginally reliable. Strictly used for match results and not other information. Takes user submissions but is reviewed by regional editors that verify all submissions before they are added to the database. Philip Kreikenbohm
The History of WWE Online 2002–2015 English Maintained by Graham Cawthon, a journalist who has written several books on the history of professional wrestling. Source has results of every single WWE, WCW and ECW program. Has full-detailed results of some shows and matches. Defunct since 2015. Graham Cawthon
PWInsider Online 2004– English The website has an established staff. Writer Richard Trionfo has a knack for inventing names for finishing or signature moves – "IEDDT", "Blackpool Slam", "Fandangobama Jam", etc. – do not use his reports to cite move names. Independent Online, Print 2004– Spanish The website has an established staff. Former print magazine with an established, documented editorial process. Independent Online 2008– English The website has an established staff. Last Row Media LLC.
Pro Wrestling Sheet Online 2015– English The website is controlled by Ryan Satin, who has a background in news. It also has an editorial staff. Ryan Satin LLC.
Fightful Online 2015– English The website has an established staff. The website is controlled by Sean Ross Sapp, who has an extensive background in news. James Vanderlinden
POSTWrestling Online 2017– English The website has an established staff. John Pollock and Wai Ting


Name Media Notes and limitations Owner
The Baltimore Sun Online, Print American newspaper in the state of Maryland. Tribune Publishing
CBS Sports Online Sports division of the American television network CBS. CBS Interactive
ESPN Online U.S.-based global television channel, added a wrestling vertical in 2016. ESPN Internet Ventures
Fox Sports Online Sports division of the American television network Fox Broadcasting Company, with its own dedicated regional and national cable channels. Fox Sports Interactive Media
The Independent Online, Print British newspaper. Alexander Lebedev
The Masked Man (via Grantland) Online Columnist and podcast host David Shoemaker is an author of a book on professional wrestling with worldwide reviews. However, this does not mean other Grantland columnists are reliable. Grantland closed down in October 2015. ESPN Internet Ventures
Miami Herald Online, Print American newspaper for the region of South Florida. The McClatchy Company
Rolling Stone Online, Print Popular culture magazine published in the United States. Jann Wenner
Sky Sports Online Website for the British-based group of sports television channels. Sky UK
SLAM! Wrestling (via Canadian Online Explorer) Online Includes detailed television and pay-per-view results, as well as wrestler biographies back to 1997. Postmedia Network
Sports Illustrated Online, Print American sports magazine. Meredith Corporation

Limited reliable sources[edit]

Use with caution, mainly for uncontroversial claims such as the attendance of the event, as these sites do not have proven fact checking.

Name Media Notes and limitations Owner
411mania Online This website has reports on many PPV and weekly events (dating back to mid-2000), as well as numerous columns. Stay away from news articles that are crediting sources we consider unreliable.
Bleacher Report Online Can be used for minor claims such as interviews or match results. Refrain from using pre-2013 articles as some are user-generated. WarnerMedia News & Sports
Internet Wrestling Database Online Only reliable for match results, and not for other BLP information. Has results for various wrestling promotions in the world, including WWF/E, NWA, WCW, ECW, TNA, ROH, NJPW, AJPW and NOAH.
WWENetworkNews Online Only reliable for additions and removals to the WWE Network.

Unproven sources[edit]

Name Media Notes Owner
1Wrestling Online This website has been around since 1997 and has employed many well known wrestling reporters, including Bill Apter Online Has editor and writers.
InsidePulse Online This website has named writers and has been around for several years.
NZPWI Online Has editors [13]
Online Onslaught Online This source has detailed results of every WWF/E PPV, along with results of Raw, SmackDown, Heat and Velocity. Has not been updated since 2016.
Pro Wrestling History Online This website list results of matches, pay-per-views, tournaments, history of promotions, buyrates, and attendance for events.
So Cal Uncensored Online News, reviews, rankings, interviews, and more on the Southern California wrestling scene.
Solie Online This website has exhaustive listings of title histories.
Total Wrestling Magazine Online, Print
Wrestling Perspective Online, Print
Uproxx Online Has editorial staff [14] Warner Music Group
WrestlingData English German Largest database of wrestlers and results on the web, extensively cross-referenced.
Wrestling Titles Online A comprehensive listing of title histories.
WrestlingWorldNews Online

Dead sources[edit]

May be found in archives.


News aggregators are websites that collects headlines from other pro wrestling news sites, but does not copy it. Might be worth looking at to see who broke a story.

Unreliable sources[edit]

Avoid using these sources. They report rumors, speculation, and have no reliable sourcing (where they get their information from).


See also[edit]


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