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Crystal Clear app lassist.pngThe spotlight department of the Saskatchewan WikiProject has been established to honour notable contributions to Saskatchewan Wikiproject articles. Award the Saskatchewan Wikipedia ribbon to a Wikipedia editor as one would an Oscar, an Emmy and respectively add their contributions to the Saskatchewan WikiProject. They will be in turn mentioned in the next upcoming newsletter of the Outreach department. To honour those editors who have made notable contributions about Saskatchewan on Wikipedia.

Notable Wikproject Saskatchewan Editors and their contributions[edit]

SK-Ribbon.jpg These are Wikipedians who have been noticed by the Saskatchewan WikiProject for their great contributions to Wikipedia's coverage of Saskatchewan and have been awarded the Saskatchewan Wikipedia Project Ribbon for their user page. It is an honour to congratulate the following wikipedia contributors for their notable achievements.
  1. Ultraflame (talk · contribs) is an editor and a guiding light on wikipedia for the Saskatchewan Roads and highways wikiproject. Ultraflame has added reliable and well written Saskatchewan articles, and templates opening up wikipedia to the numerous roads and highways of Saskatchewan. As Saskatchewan has more road and highway kilometers than most other Canadian provinces, his leadership is quite an undertaking. In a very challenging era on wikipedia, highway and road articles are subject to higher scrutiny, criticism, policy and convention changes than most wikipedia articles, and throughout all of these ongoing discussions, Ultraflame has been an honourable example for editors of Saskatchewan articles to follow these footsteps. Besides the enormity of articles created and updated for the Saskatchewan Roads and highways wikiproject, Ultraflame also edits and creates other Saskatchewan and wikipedia articles. nominated by SriMesh | talk 05:13, 25 October 2007 (UTC) November 2007 Newsletter
  2. Royalguard11 (talk · contribs) is an editor and a wikipedia administrator who is very active in many various aspects to help the development and growth of Saskatchewan articles on wikipedia. Besides creating and updating a wide variety of Saskatchewan articles, his advice and wisdom appear on article talk pages and user pages. The guidance and insight offered by Royalguard11 shows a reliable knowledge of Saskatchewan, combined with a seasoned aptitude for successful and high class wikipedia articles. Thank you for all that you do in guiding the wikipedia Saskatchewan community in all of its endeavours, your many edits are invaluable to others. nominated by SriMesh | talk 05:13, 25 October 2007 (UTC) November 2007 Newsletter
  3. fishhead2100 (talk · contribs) is an editor of Saskatchewan related articles, creator of Saskatchewan Communities & Neighbourhoods, creator of Outreach page and templates therein, and contributor to the Saskatchewan Portal. fishhead2100 (talk · contribs) is a fellow contributor and developer of the WikiProject Saskatchewan and its newsletter Thank you for all that you do and have done. This month's spotlight highlights, fishhead2100 (talk · contribs). December 2007 newsletter
  4. Qyd (talk · contribs) and Arctic.gnome (talk · contribs) are editors of a wide variety of Canadian related articles, and of note as of this date is the enormous amount of work he has undertaken to help amalgamate all the various provincial wikiprojects and Canadian sub projects into one umbrella assessment department. This unique assessment department means that Saskatchewan related articles can be assessed for their own provincial merit, and also belong to the Canadian wikiproject as well. It also means that editors from both Canada wikiproject and Saskatchewan wikiproject can unite in their efforts to provide banners and ratings to articles. This will result in a huge improvement in quality on wikipedia, resulting in Saskatchewan's spotlight award for Qyd (talk · contribs) and Arctic.gnome (talk · contribs).January 2008 newsletter
  5. Drm310 (talk · contribs) is our current editor to receive the Spotlight Saskatchewan Award. Drm310 has contributed to the growth of Saskatchewan articles on wikipedia through creation. As well articles already existing have seen improved lead paragraphs, sections and section headings, consistency and standardized formatting. Drm310 has tirelessly contributed to the expansion and improved quality of articles, which is the current focus of the Wikproject. A large thank you goes out to Drm310 at this time. February 2008 newsletter
  6. Shanemcd (talk · contribs) has contributed to the organization of which placenames are town, villages, hamlets, etc by going above and beyond the call of duty. Sorting out List of communities in Saskatchewan and the various section lists have shown significant improvements. Consistency and attention to detail on the various incorporation dates, and status of the many and several communities is producing more accurate lists for visitors to wikipedia viewing Saskatchewan articles. This provides an improvement in quality on wikipedia and so a large thank you goes out to Shanemcd at this time. March 2008 newsletter.
  7. SriMesh (talk · contribs)This months Spotlight Award goes to SriMesh (talk · contribs). She is the creator of the Wikipedia:WikiProject Saskatchewan, the project newsletter, and countless other departments within the project including starting the Saskatchewan portal. She has also took it upon herself to start, edit, revamp many Saskatchewan based articles. As well, she is an active member of Wikipedia:WikiProject Saskatchewan Communities & Neighbourhoods. SriMesh has tirelessly worked towards improving the quality of Saskatchewan related Wikipedia articles.April 2008 newsletter
  8. Wyldkat (talk · contribs) has contributed several articles about the province of Saskatchewan amongst these have been Politics of Saskatchewan, Fort Carlton, Fort Carlton, and Malcolm Norris to name a few. As well, Wyldkat keeps an eye on existing articles, categories and listings and brings them into line with many of Wikipedia's policies and Manual of Style proceedings. Presently Wyldkat has been maintaining talk page banners and initiates the rating system. For the past few years Wyldkat has provided coherency and standardization for Saskatchewan related articles. May 2008 newsletter
  9. M@sk (talk · contribs) and Bohunk8283 (talk · contribs) have each been creating a plethora of new article on wikipedia in relation to Saskatchewan. M@sk has been filling in some requested articles and gaps in existing templates which is much needed. Bohunk8283 has been creating a wide variety of Saskatchewan articles. A thank you and Saskatchewan wikiproject spotlight goes out to both of you at this time. June 2008 newsletter
  10. Cccleo (talk · contribs) is the student who has created the Higher education in Saskatchewan article, a class project which has a deadline of June 30, 2008. The class project has improved wikipedia's coverage of higher education of Canada, and this article in particular is an excellent beginning for coverage of Higher education in Saskatchewan. A thank you and Saskatchewan wikiproject spotlight goes out to you at this time. July 2008 newsletter
  11. Mitchazenia (talk · contribs) This months spotlight award to goes to Mitchazenia. Even though he might not be heavily involved all things Saskatchewan, one area he is greatly involved in is roads and highways. Not only that he started the Saskatchewan Roads and Highways WikiProject. His other edits don't go un-notice. So much so that he was even awarded the WP: Sask Barnstar for his contributions to highway and road articles of Saskatchewan. August 2008 newsletter
  12. Leafschik1967 (talk · contribs) This months spotlight award to goes to Leafschik1967 . Amongst several editors, it was again hard to select only one for representation in this latest edition of the newsletter. This editor is diverse, editing a variety of SK sports related articles, SK communities and SK flora articles, helping out with Good article nominations and contributing to talk pages. Thank you for your assistance as Saskatchewan grows on wikipedia. September 2008 newsletter
  13. Masalai (talk · contribs) The November 2008 award is presented to Masalai for continuous contributions to several articles focusing mainly upon southern Saskatchewan. The knowledge Masalai brings to these articles combines statistical data with diverse notable events pertinent to the topic. Thank you and in this regards please receive a Saskatchewan wikiproject spotlight award. November 2008 newsletter
  14. Cocopie (talk · contribs) The December 2008 award is presented to Cocopie who has set up various categories and populated those categories with articles. Cocopie has updated and started various Saskatchewan articles and has also been able to start their talk pages with the wikiproject banner. Thank you for your various contributions to SK related topics. December 2008 newsletter
  15. Skookum1 (talk · contribs) The January 2009 award is presented to Skookum1 who has diligently upgraded articles in compliance with references, point of view and other wikipedia standards. This generally enriches the quality of articles providing more enhanced encyclopaedic content. January 2009 newsletter
  16. Bearcat (talk · contribs) The February 2009 award is presented to Bearcat who has kept abreast of political party and people (PPAP) articles and their content. Bearcat not only improves and updates politically inclined articles but provides guidance and coaches others in their edits of political articles as well. February 2009 newsletter. Swing on over to the talk page of Bearcat and present them with a barnstar or two, and a thank you or two, for their contribtions to wikipedia as a veteran editor, and for keeping articles with dated content up to date. February 2009 newsletter
  17. Jwkozak91 (talk · contribs) is a new editor to receive the Spotlight Saskatchewan Award. Jwkozak91 has contributed to the growth of Saskatchewan articles on wikipedia through updates of current information mainly to political articles joining the editorial crew there. Jwkozak91 has shown significant additions to the improved quality of articles, which is the current focus of the Wikproject. A large thank you goes out to Jwkozak91 at this time. Pop by and give the newcomer, Jwkozak91 a pat on the back for their work on WikiProject Saskatchewan. February 2009 newsletter
  1. T. Mazzei (talk · contribs) The March 2009 award is presented to T. Mazzei who upgrades and creates numerous Saskatchewan articles on a regular basis. It is good to have an editor monitoring articles, and adding wikilinks where needed. A thank you is extended for your consistent efforts. March 2009 newsletter


  • The editor shows significant coverage of a number of Saskatchewan newly created or updated articles in any area or topic.
  • The nominated spotlight editor shows that their articles are reliable, soundly based on facts, references and one can confidently rely on Saskatchewan information in the articles maintained by their edits.
  • Nominated editors may or may not be Saskatchewan Wikiproject members.
  • Spotlight editors should show interest in either adding Saskatchewan content articles, updating Saskatchewan content articles, adding banners to talk pages, keeping others informed of articles which have been tagged and require TLC and/or progressing Saskatchewan articles from stub upwards through stages trying to achieve feature status. They may have a particular interest in a widely recognized field or area of Saskatchewan to which they have brought to the attention of Wikipedia or made unique contributions, or significant new concepts. Spotlight editors may be a Wikimedia developer or technical person who shows exceptional service to tWikiProject Saskatchewan.
  • The editor may be well-known on history or talk pages of Saskatchewan wikipedia articles. The spotlight editor may be a mentor to new Saskatchewan Wikiproject members.
  • Adapted from Notability (people) and Notability

List of administrators who are members[edit]

  • So the next time you think a user has made a significant contribution, or basically anything else to Saskatchewan related articles, why don't you give them a reward to show your gratitude? You don't have to be an admistrator. Nominate excellent and notable Saskatchewan editors on Wikipedia who deserve attention, and honour. For every wikipedia user who is mentioned in the spotlight department, they will receive a Wikipedia Saskatchewan Ribbon on their user pages for excellent service! Every newsletter will bring an update to the Spotlight Department, so please keep tuned for other excellent contributors.


This new department of Wikiproject Saskatchewan has been adapted from Films Wikiproject spotlight. Thank you!