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Do you like vandalizing?

Do you think it is funny?

Or just want to make a joke/troll page?

Or maybe, you just want to spam?

Then go ahead, write an article that will probably get deleted, and classified as a speedy page.

Ideas for speedy articles[edit]

The following are types of articles that often get speedy deletion. Just don't. Unless you really want to (read the next section for more info).

  • Nonsense:
    • A bunch of useless characters
    • Nonsensitive text and jokes
    • Anything else that is not useful in any way
  • Spam
    • Advertising
    • Self promotion of social media pages, websites, etc.

These are

But here's what will probably happen:[edit]

  • A speedy deletion template will be put on your article
  • It will (obviously) get deleted
  • Someone will leave you an ugly and embarrassing message on your User talk page
  • If you keep on vandalizing, more ugly and embarrassing messages will be left on your talk page
  • If you still keep vandalizing, you will be blocked from creating pages and editing
  • If the block expires and you continue vandalizing, you will likely be permanently blocked and your IP will be blocked from creating new pages.
  • If you use sockpuppet accounts (fake accounts), they will probably be blocked too
  • If you create speedy pages on other Wikimedia projects, you will get globally blocked as well.

If you have had all this on the list happen, enjoy your permanent global ban.

Final words[edit]

So just don't create speedy pages.

But if you really have a temptation to, do it in the Sandbox where no one really cares as it gets automatically reverted once in a while anyways.

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