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Professional wrestling to-do list


Change all mentions of "the WWE" to "WWE."
Change all mentions of WWE before May 6, 2002 to "WWF" or "the WWF", including championships and pay-per-views.
Change "RAW" to "Raw" when in text and not title, per context rule by
Change PPV names to not be italicized.
Change brand names to be italicized only when in reference to the television show and not the brand itself.
Change wrestling moves to be in quotation marks and not italics.
Add the {{Pro-wrestling}} template to the talk pages of wrestling articles, and any article edited as part of this project
If the page needs expanding because it is a stub, please add {{prowrestling-stub}} or {{prowrestling-bio-stub}} to the article where appropriate.


Add WP:Short descriptions to all professional wrestling articles. Alternatively, generic versions can be added to infoboxes (a la Template:Infobox professional wrestling team) to be overridden with something more specific later.
Update championship history syntax; the following is an incomplete list of championships with outdated championship history syntax. These should be replaced with {{Professional wrestling title history top}}, {{Professional wrestling title history middle}}, and {{BundleEnd}}.
Championship pages with outdated history table syntax

Articles to expand

Please see Category:Professional wrestling stubs and Category:Professional wrestling biography stubs for full list.

Photo requests

Many wrestling articles need a photo to improve their quality. A list can be found here: at Category:Wikipedia requested images of professional wrestling performers

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