Wild! (video)

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Video by
Released1990, 2016
Recorded11 December 1989, London Arena, London
GenreSynthpop, electropop, pop
Length90 minutes approx
LabelMute Film/BMG Video
Mute Film/Warner
Mute Film / Lumivision / Warner
DirectorGavin Taylor
ProducerKen Scorfield
Erasure chronology

Recorded at the London Arena on 11 December 1989 as part of the tour of their "Wild!" album and released in 1990 on VHS video,[1] Wild! (live) is Erasure's third concert video. With 23 tracks and a running time of almost 90 minutes, it is the first of Erasure's live videos to feature an entire concert, except in the US where a much abridged 15-track version was released. In 1992 the concert was also released in the US on LaserDisc, still with only 15 tracks. In 2016 it was announced that the video will be released on DVD, exclusively as part of the From Moscow To Mars box set.

The concert included 9 of the 10 songs from "Wild!", as well as songs from all 3 of Erasure's previous albums, songs from the "Crackers International" EP and a cover version of Cerrone's "Supernature", a studio version of which featured as a b-side on the "You Surround Me" single.

Track listing[edit]

UK release[edit]

  • UK VHS Video: 790407
  1. "Piano Song"
  2. "How Many Times"
  3. "You Surround Me"
  4. "Knocking On Your Door"
  5. "Brother and Sister"
  6. "Crown of Thorns"
  7. "Star"
  8. "Chains of Love"
  9. "Hideaway"
  10. "Supernature"
  11. "Who Needs Love Like That"
  12. "Stop"
  13. "Victim of Love"
  14. "La Gloria"
  15. "Ship of Fools"
  16. "It Doesn't Have to Be"
  17. "Blue Savannah"
  18. "Sometimes"
  19. "The Hardest Part"
  20. "Oh L'amour"
  21. "Drama!"
  22. "A Little Respect"
  23. "Spiralling"

North American release[edit]

  • US VHS video: 38170-3
  • US Laser Disc: LVD-9263
  1. Piano Song
  2. You Surround Me
  3. Chains of Love
  4. Star
  5. Crown of Thorns
  6. Supernature
  7. Who Needs Love Like That
  8. Stop!
  9. Victim of Love
  10. La Gloria
  11. Blue Savannah
  12. Sometimes
  13. The Hardest Part
  14. Drama!
  15. A Little Respect