Wincenty Rzymowski

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Wincenty Rzymowski

Wincenty Rzymowski (19 July 1883, Kuczbork-Osada – 30 April 1950, Warsaw) was a Polish politician and writer. One of many faces of Stalinism in postwar Poland. In the Second Polish Republic he was a member of the Democratic Party and a known publicist. He was also forced to resign his membership in the Polish Academy of Literature in a controversy involving allegations of plagiarism.[1]

During World War II he began collaborating with the Soviets. He joined the Union of Polish Patriots, was a Minister of Arts and Culture in the Polish Committee of National Liberation and a Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Provisional Government of National Unity formed by Stalin. He represented Poland during the signing of the United Nations Charter. He was also a deputy to the State National Council and Legislative Sejm. From 1947 till the end of his life he was a minister without portfolio in the Polish communist government.


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