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2003 US Department of Energy wind resource map of Maryland

Wind power in Maryland, which has land-based and offshore resources, is in the early stages of development.[1][2][3] As of 2016, Maryland has 191 megawatts (MW) of wind powered electricity generating capacity, responsible for 1.4% of in-state generated electricity.[4]

Regulatory environment[edit]

Development of project has been partially hindered by the uncertainty of state government direction since the Maryland General Assembly and local governments are considering banning certain areas. Legislation to do so was not signed by the governor.[5]

Land-based projects[edit]

  • Criterion Wind Project
  • Great Bay Wind Energy Center is a proposed wind farm that will utilize coastal winds in Somerset County[6] The $200-million, 150-megawatt facility is being undertaken by Texas-based Pioneer Green Energy which proposes to Initially build twenty-five 599 ft (183 m) wind turbines. A second phase would add another 25 turbines.[7] A single turbine is proposed as demo to overcome public adversity to the project.[8]

Offshore projects[edit]

Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act[edit]

The Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013 is a legislation to encourage the development of up to 500 MW of offshore wind capacity, authorized $1.7 billion in subsidies for the next 20 years for Maryland offshore wind development. An area of 94 square nautical miles (79,706 acres) approximately 10-30 miles off the Maryland coast has been identified as suitable for offshore wind development. This was split into two (north and south) lease areas and auctioned by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)3 on August 19, 2014.[9][9] The Maryland Wind Energy Area is located, at its closest point, about 10 nautical miles offshore Ocean City in the Outer Continental Shelf of Atlantic Ocean and has the potential to support between 850 and 1450 megawatts of commercial wind generation.[10]

US Wind[edit]

In 2014, US Wind, a subsidiary of Italy-based Renexia SpA, won the auction for a 25-year leases for both areas issued by the BOEM with a bid of $8.7 million for areas.[11][12] Development of their project is hindered by the uncertainty of government direction since the state legislature and local governments are considering banning certain areas. [5] As of the summer of 2016 US Wind has completed underwater surveys of the potential sites about a dozen miles off the coast of Maryland and is submitting plans for environmental review by year end. [13]

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