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Wizard's Quest is a 1979 board wargame published by Avalon Hill.


Wizard's Quest is a fantasy game for two to six players that takes place in the Earth's distant past involving wars for the kingship of an island.[1] All players start with the same number of territories, each player choosing one at a time.[2]

Additional variables are provided by a wizard (good) and a dragon (bad), who randomly appear in different areas on each turn. Players can add more randomness to the game by choosing to draw from a deck of incident cards at the start of their turn. Most of the cards are beneficial, but some have a negative effect. Bands of orcs also roam around the board, causing problems.[3]


In the January–February 1980 edition of The Space Gamer (Issue No. 26), Mark Brady concluded that it "is a fun little game".[1]

In the January 1980 edition of Dragon (Issue 33), Bill Fawcett called Wizard's Quest "just plain fun." He found the game components to be of excellent quality, although he was disappointed by the nondescript artwork on the counters. Fawcett especially admired the simplicity of the rules, and recommended the game, saying, "Wizard’s Quest is a game that makes for a few pleasant hours. Like Risk or Cosmic Encounter, much depends upon how the players approach the game. It will tend to be as cutthroat or calm as the group makes it. The large number of variables ensure that every game will be different from the last. If such a thing as a Light Gaming Classic could exist, then Avalon Hill, which seems to specialize in Classic games, may have produced one."[3]


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