Women in the 20th Canadian Parliament

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During the 20th Canadian Parliament, women continued to sit as members of both the House of Commons and the Senate. Nineteen women ran for seats in the Canadian House of Commons in the 1945 federal election. Gladys Strum was elected in the Qu'Appelle riding as a Co-operative Commonwealth Federation member; she was the fourth woman to sit in the House of Commons and the first woman to serve as president of a Canadian political party.[1] Cairine Wilson and Iva Campbell Fallis continued to sit as members of the Senate.

Party Standings[edit]

Party Total women candidates % women candidates of total candidates Total women elected % women elected of total women candidates % women elected of total elected
Labor-Progressive 8 of 68 11.8% 0 of 1 0% 0%
Co-operative Commonwealth Federation 6 (of 205) 2.9% 1 (of 28) 16.7% 3.6%
Social Credit 2 (of 93) 2.2% 0 (of 13) 0% 0%
Progressive Conservative 2 (of 203) 1.0% 0 (of 66) 0% 0%
Liberal 1 (of 236) 0.8% 0 (of 118) 0% 0%
Table source:[2]

Members of the House of Commons[edit]

Name Party Electoral district Notes
  Gladys Strum Co-operative Commonwealth Federation Qu'Appelle  


Senator Appointed on the advice of Term from Party
  Cairine Wilson King 1930.02.15 - 1962.03.03 Ontario Liberal
  Iva Campbell Fallis Bennett 1935.07.20 - 1956.03.07 Ontario Conservative


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