Wulin Warriors

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Wulin Warriors
Based onPili
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes14
Original networkCartoon Network (2006)
AOL Kids (2008)
Original releaseFebruary 4, 2006 –

Wulin Warriors is an English language edit of the Taiwanese puppet television series Pili which aired in 2006 on the Cartoon Network and subsequently appeared online.

Series history[edit]

The series aired in the United States on Cartoon Network's Toonami in February 2006, but was taken off the block due to poor ratings and complaints. The translation had a number of problems: puns were inserted in places they were not present originally, and Scar (known as Ye Hsiao-Chai in the original), was changed from a mute to a dispenser of wisecracks (normally about pizza). Another complaint was that the show aired on a network that airs cartoons. Of the thirteen episodes produced, only two episodes aired in the U.S. before its ultimate cancellation. From 2008 onwards, episodes that were not shown on TV were available on AOL's Kids Online channel until the service shut down. As of 2016, all 13 episodes can be seen on YouTube. According to Toonami co-creator Jason DeMarco, Toonami didn't have any interest in Wulin Warriors, as in the meeting where Animation Collective came to them and said "It's this huge show. There's all these episodes. We're making thirteen. We're re-writing them to be right for American audiences!", DeMarco said "This sounds like a really bad idea!". The head of programming for DeMarco at the time asked Toonami's opinion on it, and according to DeMarco, Toonami replied with disdain. However, the head of programming for DeMarco disregarded this sentiment and proceeded with the deal anyway.


Lone Sword[edit]

Noted as the finest swordsman of his time, Lone Sword is believed to be the future of fighting for the Wulin. Lone Sword grew up as a mere orphan, but was taken into the hands of the Oracle, where he then on dedicated his life to best his skill. It is known that Lone Sword never really interacted with anyone else other than the Oracle, or his best friend Scar. After the loss of the Lord of the Stars, the Oracle sent Lone Sword on the heavy task of finding the Lord of the Stars. The Oracle is said to have great confidence in the abilities of Lone Sword, believing him to be the most promising among the Wulin Warriors. Due to this fact, there is much jealousy between the other Wulin Warriors.

Lone Sword has a relationship and bond with his good friend Scar. The truth is that they are brothers, a fact neither know. As Scarab himself was once a Wulin Warrior, seeing a good ally of his own turn against him leaves a personal mark on Lone Sword.


A master of the five major schools of fighting, Scar's diverse array of techniques makes up for the prowess of Lone Sword. Scar and Lone Sword were the closest of friends and lived together on the street as mere orphans. It is thought that the scar on Scar's face is there due to a conflict between one of the Seven Stars. This fact may lead up to why he shows so much distrust between them. Scar is also suspicious of Scarab, who he considered power-hungry. Scar also does not think the highest of one of his allies known as Phoenix. Even though Scar bares many grudges, he is still jovial and lighthearted. Scar truly respects the Oracle, and vows to gain its respect. He is voiced by Sean Schemmel.


The son of Lu Pin, Phoenix, was the former king of the northern lands. However, Phoenix's father, Lu Pin was soon replaced by the Dragon King, who was more popular. Phoenix left his region blemished with shame. Phoenix swore to get revenge against the Dragon King, in which he teamed up with the other Wulin Warriors under the Oracle, in order to become a much greater warrior. However, at the time of Phoenix's first training with the Oracle, he was at a mere age of 6. Even though that was so, he still truly proved himself as a Wulin Warrior. Phoenix greatly looks forward to the day when he will finally take back the throne. Phoenix also puts much pride in his noble birth, believing that it will be the reason to prove that he is the greatest warrior. His subordinates however don't much think so, even though his skills still only rank slightly below that of Scar and Lone Sword.

Phoenix soon finds out how much the Oracle truly admires Lone Sword compared to him due to the different balance of skill. Because of this, Phoenix hides deep envy. Yet with all of these flaws, he is still a great friend to the other Wulin Warriors. Phoenix has a very strong sense of self-worth, and takes pride in his great abilities. Because of his envy for Lone Sword, Phoenix was manipulated into joining Scarab's army.


Scarab at one time himself was a Wulin Warrior who joined Oracle at the same time of Lone Sword, and Scar. At that time however, Scarab was the strongest of all the Wulin Warriors, and the favorite of the Oracle, at the time. However, Scarab was unable to show humility and self-sacrifice rather than lust for power, along with failing in a test of compassion. As a result of Scarab's lack of discipline, he was immediately sent into exile. Having to do this truly hurt the Oracle deeply, as Scarab was his most promising student. Scarab then vowed revenge against the Oracle and the rest of the Wulin Warriors. After hearing of the disappearance of the Seven Stars, Scarab knew he had a great opportunity to start a rebellion at that time. After a time, Scarab assembled his own army, and through his great skills at manipulation, he convinced Phoenix himself to join him, effectively becoming his right-hand man. He is voiced by Scottie Ray.

The Oracle[edit]

Even though the Oracle is never truly known at leaving his perch atop the mountain, he still provides a large quality of insight and training to the Wulin Warriors. The Oracle is also seemingly frail, and always demonstrates himself to be a great instructor and molder of young warriors. There however was a rumor passing around at that time that the Oracle was the first Wulin Warrior many generations in the past. The time they are in now is uttered with great confusion, and only the Oracle knows of where the Lord of the Stars truly is. The Oracle also spends most of his time training the Wulin Warriors in order to gain a deep sense of intellect and leadership. The Oracle also provides many prophecies to Lone Sword and Scar, which in the end turn out to be true. The Oracle is voiced by Maddie Blaustein.[1]


The seventh member of the Seven Stars hierarchy of the Seven Stars of Wulin, Rainbow, s a female mercenary, and seems to care little about anything else other than her next task at hand. Rainbow is also widely known and feared due to her ferocity and her wolf like speed. Rainbow wields special duel-claw style of weapons, and possesses the ability to communicate telepathically. Rainbow is counted as the "Claw" of the Great Dragon Constellation.


A star with a child-like demeanor, hence his name, who easily breaks into tears at the slightest inconvenience. Crybaby's weapon is his unthinkably loud scream and horrendous temper. Cybaby is counted among as the 6th member of the Seven Stars hierarchy, along with being the "Mouth" of the Great Dragon Constellation.


Wraithstar is one of as the fairest and more mysterious personages of Wulin. Wraithstar never speaks, but only communicates through his loyal servant, Bright Road. Any weapon that he touches instantly is covered in a lethal poison, which he can control at will. Wraithstar is counted among as the fifth member of the Seven Stars, along with being the "Poison-Tipped Tale" of the Great Dragon Constellation.

Four Point[edit]

Four Point is the only member of the Seven Stars who wants to be called by his given Star name and takes much pride in it. Four Point is the only Star who is commonly seen as he meets many opponents wanting to test his skill. As well as inspiring fear in himself,Four Point's gaze paralyzes his opponents in absolute fear. Four Point is counted among as the 4th member of the Seven Stars, along with being the "Heart" of the Great Dragon Constellation.


Willow has the ability to infiltrate the minds of others and can heal the sick and wounded. Willow is counted among as the 3rd member of the Seven Stars, along with being the "Talon" of the Great Dragon Constellation. She is voiced by Ashley Moynihan.


A valiant warrior of the Seven Stars, who has in time improved his skill to rival that of his Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather Ethereon, who at one time was also a star. Rethereon has the ability to control all the elements that are possessed on either land or sea. Rethereon is counted as the second member of the Seven Stars, and is the Horn of the Great Dragon Constellation.

The Lord of the Stars[edit]

Rumored to take form as just about any random thing. Due to this fact, the Lord of the Stars's appearance is not known. The Lord of the Stars maintains his leadership over the other stars by possessing their techniques. Due to this fact, the Lord of the Stars is considered to be the most powerful being in the world. The Lord of the Stars is counted among as the 1st member of the Seven Stars, along with being the eye of the Great Dragon Constellation, in which each of the other stars orbit. However, since the Lord of the Stars suddenly disappeared, many have begun to believe he may have been kidnapped or killed.

The Oracle at one time discussed with the Lord of the Stars about how his power is slowly waning. Due to the fading of the stars, the stars are slowly losing their control over Wu. The era of the Stars is therefore coming to a close. A new era will be born under the Wulin Warriors.The Lord of the Stars having gone into hiding as a result, the Oracle sent Lone Sword and Scar after him. The Lord of the Stars has forced them into the final battle of Wulin, reasoning that they should defeat the Stars or become allies with them.


No. in
TitleOriginal air date
11"The Saga Begins"February 4, 2006 (2006-02-04)
22"The Healer"April 11, 2006 (2006-04-11)
33"Rainbow"2008 (2008)
44"Crybaby"2008 (2008)
55"The Return of Oriel"2008 (2008)
66"Bright Road"2008 (2008)
77"Four Point"2008 (2008)
88a"Willow (Part 1)"2008 (2008)
98b"The Fever (Part 2)"2008 (2008)
1010"Orb of Battle"2008 (2008)
1111"Approach of the Seer"2008 (2008)
1212"Mo Kui the Merciless"2008 (2008)
1313"The Truth About the Healer"2008 (2008)
1414"The New Star"2008 (2008)

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