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Xuân Quỳnh (6 October 1942 – 29 August 1988) was a Vietnamese famous modern female poet. She and her husband Lưu Quang Vũ and their 12-year-old son Lưu Quỳnh Thơ died in a car accident in Hải Dương city on 29 August 1988.[1][2]

She is later honored on 6th October, 2019 by Google Doodle.[3]


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  2. ^ Black dog, black night: contemporary Vietnamese poetry Nguyen Do, Paul Hoover - 2008 "Xuan Quynh, born in Ha Bac Province, is by far the most popular twentieth- century female Vietnamese poet. Her life ended mysteriously in a tragic accident which also killed her husband, Luu Quang Vu, a poet and famous playwright, and their son. Xuan Quynh's poems embody the values of the New Poetry movement: simple and romantic yet" ... "A member of the Vietnamese Writers Association and editor for literary reviews, Xuan Quynh won the National Book of the Year Award in 1990 for her poetry collection Co May Flower and the National Prize for Lifetime Contribution in Literature "
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