YM Museum of Marine Exploration Kaohsiung

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YM Museum of Marine Exploration Kaohsiung
YM Museum of Marine Exploration Kaohsiung.JPG
Established28 December 2007
LocationCijin, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Coordinates22°35′27″N 120°17′23″E / 22.59083°N 120.28972°E / 22.59083; 120.28972Coordinates: 22°35′27″N 120°17′23″E / 22.59083°N 120.28972°E / 22.59083; 120.28972
OwnerYang Ming Marine Transport Corporation

The YM Museum of Marine Exploration Kaohsiung (MOME; Chinese: 陽明高雄海洋探索館; pinyin: Yángmíng Gāoxióng Hǎiyáng Tànsuǒguǎn) is a museum about marine exploration in Cijin District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


After its rental tenure was approved by the Marine Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government on 18 January 2007, Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation established the Museum of Marine Exploration in Cijin Harbor, Kaohsiung. After refurbishment, the museum was officially opened on 28 December 2007 as the YM Museum of Marine Exploration Kaohsiung.[1]


The museum is a two-story building shaped like an ocean liner.[citation needed] Its boat-shaped structure appears as a large ship docked along Kaohsiung Harbor.


The museum has the following areas for exhibitions, etc.[citation needed]

First floor
  • Two exhibition halls
  • 3D animation cinema
  • Multi-function conference room
Second floor
  • Two open air areas for café and performance area
  • Viewing platform

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