Yangcheng Lake

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Yangcheng Lake
Yangcheng Lake scenery.JPG
Scenery of Yangcheng Lake
Location of Yangcheng Lake
LocationSuzhou, Jiangsu
Coordinates31°25′51″N 120°48′47″E / 31.43083°N 120.81306°E / 31.43083; 120.81306Coordinates: 31°25′51″N 120°48′47″E / 31.43083°N 120.81306°E / 31.43083; 120.81306
Basin countriesChina

Yangcheng Lake (Chinese: ; pinyin: Yángchéng Hú) is a freshwater lake about 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) northeast of the city of Suzhou in Jiangsu Province, China. It is the most famous area of origin for the Chinese mitten crabs which are considered a delicacy.

Yangchen lake is located between Lake Tai and the Yangtze River. It crosses the boundary of the cities Suzhou, Changshu and Kunshan and has a surface area of about 20 square kilometres (7.7 sq mi).

The Chinese mitten crabs migrate from Yangcheng Lake towards the Yangtze delta for mating in September and October. The local fishermen harvest the animals during this migration. In 2002, the total production of Chinese mitten crabs in Yangcheng Lake was estimated to be about 1,500 tonnes (1,500 long tons; 1,700 short tons).

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