Yerköprü Waterfall (Mersin)

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Yerköprü Waterfall
Yerköprü Şelalesi
Yerköprü Waterfall (Mersin) is located in Turkey
Yerköprü Waterfall (Mersin)
LocationMut, Mersin Province, Turkey
Coordinates36°32′04″N 33°13′56″E / 36.53444°N 33.23222°E / 36.53444; 33.23222Coordinates: 36°32′04″N 33°13′56″E / 36.53444°N 33.23222°E / 36.53444; 33.23222
Total height~ 30 m (98 ft)
WatercourseErmenek Creek, a tributary of Göksu River

Yerköprü Waterfall (Turkish: Yerköprü Şelalesi) is a waterfall in Mersin Province, southern Turkey. It is a registered natural monument.

Location and access[edit]

The waterfall is located to the north of Kuskan village of Gülnar ilçe (district) in Mersin Province,[1][2] But it is accessible from Mut, Mersin|Mut ilçe. It is situated to the southeast of Gezende Dam. Its distance to Mut is 35 km (22 mi).[1][2][3]

In early March 2013, the road leading to the waterfall was blocked by rocks due to a landslide.[1][4] After almost two years, construction works began for access to the waterfall on the other bank of the creek. It can be reached by a wooden staircase down from a bridge over the creek.[2][5]

The site is a popular tourist attraction . Admission is collected for visitors and vehicles.[2]


The waterfall is on the Ermenek Creek, a tributary of the Göksu River.[3] It was formed in a deep canyon by a narrow spring emerged in faults of Cretaceous-period limestone formation rocks, which are about 110 million years old.[2] It is fed by an underground water tunnel of about 200–250 m (660–820 ft) length,[3] and 10 m (33 ft) width, a cave with stalactites and a rich vegetation. Waters from the Gezende Dam join the spring water in the cave.[1][2]

In 2001, the waterfall, covering an area of 1,115.72 da (120,095 sq ft), was registered as a natural monument by the Nature Reserve and Nature Parks Administration of the Ministry of Forest and Water Management.[2][4][6]



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