Yining County

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Yining County

Yining County (red) within Ili Prefecture (yellow) and Xinjiang
Yining County (red) within Ili Prefecture (yellow) and Xinjiang
Coordinates: 43°58′38″N 81°31′39″E / 43.9771°N 81.5274°E / 43.9771; 81.5274Coordinates: 43°58′38″N 81°31′39″E / 43.9771°N 81.5274°E / 43.9771; 81.5274
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Autonomous regionXinjiang
Autonomous prefectureIli
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Yining County
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese伊宁县
Traditional Chinese伊寧縣
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese固勒扎县
Traditional Chinese固勒扎縣
Uyghur name
Uyghurغۇلجا ناھىيىسى

Yining County (Chinese: 伊宁县) as the official romanized name, also transliterated from Uyghur as Gulja County (Uyghur: غۇلجا ناھىيىسى‎; Chinese: 固勒扎县), is a county within the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China. The county seat is in the town of Jélilyüzi (Uyghur: جېلىل يۈزى‎; 吉里于孜; Jílǐyúzī).

Yining County does not include the adjacent city of Yining, which is a county-level administrative unit in its own right.

The county land area is 4486 km², with the population of 360,000 people as of 2004.[1]

A larger area (around 4580 km²) and population (400,000) was reported for the county 2000; this decrease, and the corresponding increase of area and population for the City of Yining resulted from the transfer of the villages of Dadamtu (Uyghur: دادامتۇ, Дадамту‎; 达达木图; Dádámùtú) and Penjim (Uyghur: پەنجىم, Пәнҗим‎; 潘津; Pānjīn), with 100.45 km2 (38.78 sq mi) of land, from the County to the City in 2004.


The county was created in 1888, and was originally known as Ningyuan (宁远; Níngyuǎn) County. It received its present name in 1914.[2]

In 1952, the city of Yining was separated from Yining County into a separate county-level administrative unit.[3]


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