Yogyakarta State University

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Yogyakarta State University
Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
Berkas-Logo uny.gif
MottoLeading in Character Education
TypePublic university
Established21 May 1964
RectorProf. Dr. Drs. Sutrisna Wibawa, M.Pd. [1]

Main Campus : Colombo No.1 Rd., Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Campus UPP 1 : Kenari No.6 Rd., Yogyakarta.

Campus UPP 2 : Jalan Bantul No.50, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

Campus UPP 3 : Wates, Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta.
Colours     Blue (Undergraduate)      Dark Blue (Postgraduated)
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Yogyakarta State University (Indonesian: Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, abbreviated as UNY) is a state university established in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 1964.


Yogyakarta State University [2](formerly IKIP Yogyakarta or Yogyakarta Institute of Teacher Education and Educational Sciences) was founded on May 21, 1964. IKIP Yogyakarta was a merger of two educational institutions: the Faculty of Pedagogy of Gadjah Mada University and the Institute of Teacher Education. They offered study programs of education sciences and teacher education. The merger was mandated by the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia, Number I/1963.

On August 4, 1999, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, by Presidential Decree No. 93/1999, officially declared that IKIP Yogyakarta was converted into Yogyakarta State University (abbreviated as YSU) with a wider mandate. This university is also legitimate to offer non-education study programs. The conversion of IKIP Yogyakarta into a university was based on some considerations. One of them is the observation that the organizational structure of an educational institution was insufficient to support scientific development and that the number of graduates of IKIP Yogyakarta who entered non-teaching fields also increased. In carrying out the wider mandate, YSU initially offered 12 non-education study programs at the bachelor level and three-year undergraduate diploma levels in the following faculties: the Faculty of Languages and Arts Education, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education, and the Faculty of Engineering and Vocational Education. The non-education study programs include those offered in the Faculty of Sport Sciences and the Faculty of Economics.

To meet societal demands, in 2011 the Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics was divided into two separate faculties: the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Economics. This was mandated through the Ministerial Decree No. 23/2011 about the Organization and Governance of YSU signed on 22 June 2011. YSU then has seven faculties.

As has been mentioned above, IKIP Yogyakarta was converted into YSU on August 4, 1999. However, the anniversary of IKIP Yogyakarta remains YSU’s anniversary, i.e., May 21.


There are seven faculties:

  • Faculty of Education Sciences [3]
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences [4]
  • Faculty of Language and Arts


  • Faculty of Engineering [6]
  • Faculty of Social Science [7]
  • Faculty of Sport Science [8]
  • Faculty of Economics [9]

UNY also has many postgraduate programs :

  • Master Programs and Doctoral Programs [10]

Facts and figures[edit]

In 2013, the profile was as follows:

  • 1 graduate school
  • 64 undergraduate programs (53 bachelor's and 11 three-year-diploma)
  • 16 graduate study programs (11 master's and 5 doctoral)
  • 28,515 undergraduate students (as of November 2013)
  • 1,850 diploma students (as of November 2013)
  • 2,175 graduate students (as of November 2013)
  • 85 international students (as of November 2013)
  • 76,467 alumni
  • 1,147 faculty members (professors: 59, doctoral degree holders: 207, master's degree holders: 754 and bachelor's degree holders: 66) (as of September 2013)
  • 980 staff (as of April 2013)
  • 5,831 accepted applications out of 97,033 applications submitted in 2013

Scholarships for foreign students[edit]

Research and library[edit]

1025 research studies from 2010-2012, 9 (7 national and 2 international) research studies obtaining intellectual property rights in 2012, 261,802 books in YSU’s central library consisting of public works, philosophy, psychology, religion, social sciences, languages, fundamental sciences, applied sciences & technology, arts & sports, literature, and history & geography (as of April 2013)

  • A provided access to online publications such as journals and newsletters
  • A library in each faculty and school at YSU

Institute of Research and Community Service[edit]

The Institute of Research and Community Service (IRCS) runs nine research and development centers:

  • Center for Early Childhood and Elderly Studies
  • Center for Cultural, Regional, and Environmental Research
  • Center for Educational Policy and Evaluation
  • Center for Primary, Secondary, and Vocational Education Research
  • Center for Gender and Women’s Studies
  • Center for Creativity and Sport Development
  • Center for Research Implementation and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Center for Entrepreneurship Development
  • Center for Community Service Management and Integrated Regional Development


The Institute of Educational Development and Quality Assurance (IEDQA) [11] is one of main structures at Yogyakarta State University. IEDQA conducts several programs such as planning, implementing, as well as monitoring and evaluating educational development, quality assurance, and professional development. It has nine centers:

  • Center for Quality Assurance
  • Center for Curriculum, Instructional, and Learning Resources
  • Center for Field Teaching Practicum and Fieldwork Practicum
  • Center for Teaching, Non-Teaching, and Non-Educational Professions
  • Center for University Level Subjects
  • Center for Language Studies
  • Center for Character Education and Culture Development
  • Center for Career Development
  • Center for Scientific Publications Development


  • Prof. Dr. Johar, MS. (1991 - 1999)
  • Prof. Suyanto, Ph.D. (1999 - 2006)
  • Prof. Sugeng Mardiyono,Ph.D. (2006 - 2008)
  • Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., M.A. (2008 - 2017)
  • Prof. Dr. Drs. Sutrisna Wibawa, M.Pd (2017-now)

Notable Alumni[edit]


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