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Coordinates: 22°49′22″N 120°13′37″E / 22.822707°N 120.226967°E / 22.822707; 120.226967



Yong'an District [1]
Yongan District in Kaohsiung City
Yongan District in Kaohsiung City
RegionSouthern Taiwan
 (January 2016)
 • Total14,118
WebsiteOfficial Website (in Chinese)
Yongan District office

Yongan District[2] (Chinese: 永安; pinyin: Yǒng'ān Qū) is a coastal suburban district of Kaohsiung City in southern Taiwan.[3]


After the handover of Taiwan from Japan to the Republic of China in 1945, Yong'an was organized as a rural township of Kaohsiung County. On 25 December 2010, Kaohsiung County was merged with Kaohsiung City and Yong'an was upgraded to a district of the city.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The district consists of Yongan, Yonghua, Xingang, Yantian, Baoning and Weixin Village.[4]

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