Yunaska Island

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Yunaska Island is located in Alaska
Yunaska Island
Location in Alaska
Yunaska Island

Yunaska (Aleut: Yunax̂sxa[1]) is the largest of the Islands of Four Mountains group in the Aleutian Islands of southwestern Alaska, United States. It has a land area of 66.834 square miles (173.099 square kilometres) and no population at the 2000 census.

The island measures 19.5 kilometres (12.1 miles) long and 18.6 kilometres (11.6 miles) wide.

The island comprises two volcanic mountains, with a valley between. The western mountain is composed of four overlapping and eroded stratovolcanoes, with a cinder cone field at the western end. It has not been historically active. The eastern mountain is a large shield volcano with two overlapping summit calderas, which last erupted in 1937.


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Coordinates: 52°37′53″N 170°41′49″W / 52.63139°N 170.69694°W / 52.63139; -170.69694