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Zijin Mining
Traded as
IndustryGold mining
Area served
People's Republic of China
Key people
Chairman: Mr. Chen Jinghe
ProductsGold, Copper, Non-ferrous metals
RevenueRMB27,769,198,000 (FY 2010)[1]
Number of employees
Zijin Mining Group Company Limited
Simplified Chinese紫金矿业集团股份有限公司
Traditional Chinese紫金礦業集團股份有限公司
Literal meaningZijin Mining Group Joint-Stock Limited [Liability] Company

Zijin Mining Group Company Limited is a Chinese gold, copper and non-ferrous metals producer and refiner in mainland China.


Zijin is one of the largest Chinese gold producers in China. It now operates the Zijinshan Gold Mine, the largest open pit gold mine on mainland along with three other gold mines in production.[2]

In 2006, Zijin had 49.28 tons of the gold output and the gold produced from mining reached 20.70 tons, respectively accounting for 20.53% of China's total gold production and 11.51% of the gold produced from mining in China in the same year.[3] In 2010 gold output had reached 69 tons.[1]


July 2010 acid incident[edit]

On July 3 and July 16, 2010 acid waste escaped the Fujian province copper plant and into the Ting River. The accident was said to be the size of the BP deepwater oil spill.[4] The copper plant manager, deputy manager and head of environment were detained because the company waited nine days before revealing the spill.[5]

Sept 2010 dam collapse[edit]

In September 2010, four people were killed when a dam collapsed at the Xinyi Yinyan tin mine, following heavy rain.[6] The dam collapse was said to be caused by rainfall generated by a typhoon occurring only once in more than 200 years.[5]

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