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Awarded forMusic
Date2003 (2003)
Country Zimbabwe

ZIMA is an abbreviation for the Zimbabwe Music Awards which are run by the Zimbabwe Music Awards Board.[1]


ZIMA (Zimbabwe Music Awards) is an annual award ceremony to acknowledge and honor musical excellence and creativity as well as provide a high profile and multi faceted celebration of the rich cultural diversity of Zimbabwean music.


Celebrating musical achievements through the establishments of an institutional framework that follows, records and relays musical success stories on an ongoing basis.

Utilizing music as a vehicle for cultural expression i.e. customs food and critical component in attracting tourism inflows to the country.

Selecting a team of industry specialists to act as adjudicators in the process of identifying and selecting musicians who must be acknowledged and honored :

Organizing an annual musical awards that effectively competes at global level,

Brief Zimbabwean music history[edit]

Amongst some of the industry’s greatest exports are phenomenal artist such as; The Bhundu Boys, who were celebrated at one time as Africa's best pop outfit by British music lovers. Ambuya Stella Chiweshe brought new meaning to Africa’s rhythm by exporting mbira music to Germany and currently riding the crest his musical success, is the indomitable Oliver Mtukudzi, whose face has appeared on the cover of many international magazines and journals of high repute. His music has contributed to the successful movie tracks such as Neria and he has been voted the best African Artists by HMV London.

With these developments in our local musical industry, and the recent emergence of amazing talent across a wide spectrum in the last ten years, ZIMA was founded to salute these musical greats

The ZIMA 2010 Team[edit]


Joseph Nyadzayo, founder of the Zimbabwe Music Awards in 2003. He has vast experience in music management and has shared a great passion over the years for its development as a registered arts promoter.

Executive Producer[edit]

Carl Joshua Ncube, considered an innovator in the music industry, Carl has revolutionised the awards presentations with motion graphics and animation on productions such as ZIMA, NAMA, Miss Tourism World and Annual National Sports Awards. With 8 years of live television experience under his belt Carl sets the new vision for Zimbabwean Music Awards 2010.

Television Director[edit]

Rufaro Rutherford Dhliwayo, one of the best technical minds in the industry. Rufaro will be setting the pace of live television direction and production with his 3 years production experience in musical productions.

Stage Director[edit]

Tendekai Mufunde, having worked on numerous productions over 7 years in Zimbabwe as a stage manager /site coordinator/assistant director for Zimbabwe’s big productions such as ZIFF, NAMA, HIFA, Miss Tourism World/Zimbabwe, Tanyaradzwa, Studio 263 to name a few. Tendekai’s extensive knowledge of stage and keen sense of planning will be an asset in the productions planned on this scale.


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