Zinda Laash

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Zinda Laash
Directed byKhwaja Sarfraz
Produced byAbdul Baqi
Written byNaseem Rizwani
Khwaja Sarfraz
StarringAsad Bukhari
Music byTassaduq Hussain
CinematographyNabi Ahmed
Raza Mir
Release date
Running time
103 min.
LanguageUrdu in Pakistan, English in USA

Zinda Laash (Urdu: زندہ لاش) is a 1967 Pakistani Urdu horror film, directed by Khwaja Sarfraz. It is produced by Abdul Baqi, a Pakistani film starring by Asad Bukhari (Dr. Aqil Harker), Habib (Aqil's Brother), Deeba (Shabnam), Rehan (Vampire), Nasreen (Vampire bride).[1][2]

Zinda Laash is also known as Dracula in Pakistan (USA title) and The Living Corpse (International title). It is the first movie in Pakistan to be X-rated.[3]

Plot synopsis[edit]

Professor Tabini is experimenting on an elixir that he believes will beat death. When he tries it on himself, however, things don’t work out as planned and he dies. When his assistant finds him no longer among the living, she carries him downstairs and slaps him into the crypt in the basement. Unfortunately for her, he rises from the grave and chomps down on her neck.


The plot borrows heavily from Hammer Horror's Horror of Dracula, in fact there are times when the music even has a noticeable similarity to James Bernard's score. There are some classical themes thrown in as well. "The Barber of Seville" is playing during the car chase scene and some other cues which are eccentric to say the least. Some elements of the plot even come directly from Bram Stoker's novel, not from "Horror of Dracula".[4] Zinda Laash is also referenced in Omar Khan's Zibahkhana, usually termed as its sequel.

DVD release[edit]

The DVD is available on the Mondo Macabro DVD label from around 2003. Zinda Laash has been restored so well it's hard to believe the film has languished unseen for over thirty years. The Hot Spot has secured Theatrical and Home Video rights to Zinda Laash for the regions of North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand as well as Home Video rights for Pakistan. The film is to be part of The Mondo Macabro series of DVD releases due in the near future and will therefore become the first Pakistani film to be released on DVD.

Film festivals[edit]

Zinda Laash also has the distinction of being the first ever horror film to be screened at two major film festivals abroad; the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival in Spain and the Neuchatel International Festival of Fantastic Films in Switzerland.


  • It was the first movie in Pakistan to be rated-X.
  • It was almost banned from its original release because the censors felt that the movie was too vulgar.
  • In its original release, all of the dance sequences were deleted because the censors felt that the women were shown to be too sexually provocative.
  • This movie was so shocking in its time that a woman reportedly had a heart attack in the movie theater.


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