Bill Williamson, ESPN Staff Writer 2814d

Mark Davis knows his role in Oakland

Mark Davis is not Al Davis Jr. He doesn’t have to be.

In the first three months after taking over as the owner of the Oakland Raiders, Davis has done a terrific job in his role.

It had long been expected that Davis would remain in the background after his father’s death -- like he did when his father was still alive.

Davis is always around the team, but he has trusted others to do their jobs. He let Hue Jackson coach the team and Davis’ quick decision to hire Green Bay executive Reggie McKenzie is another indication that he will trust others to perform their duties.

He has also been advised by many of his father’s former trusted lieutenants such as Ken Herock, John Madden and Ron Wolf. Wolf and Herock recommended McKenzie and Davis acted almost as quickly as he could to hire him. McKenzie is expected to start the job next week.

One of the reasons why McKenzie was likely attracted to the job is that the owner knows his place. The best run sports teams are those where the owner allows his employees to do their jobs. Unlike his father, Davis doesn’t have a long history in football. He recognized that and it is clear he is interested in letting those who best know the game lead the team.

Good for him and it will likely be even better for the franchise moving forward.

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