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9780473328702 : Clarke, Serena,     
      A north so true / Serena Clarke. Beacon Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 2016
9780473373573 : Dennis, Patricia Charlotte,     
      The secret diary of Charlotte Gatland / Patricia Charlotte Dennis. Patterson Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 2017
9780473388805 : Schooler, Julie,     
      Maxy-Moo flies to the moon / story by Julie Schooler ; pictures by Catty Flores. Claverack Adult:items being moved   Book 2017
9780473388829 : Schooler, Julie,     
      Maxy-Moo flies to the moon / story by Julie Schooler ; pictures by Catty Flores. Claverack Adult:items being moved   Book 2017
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9780485105032 : Austen, Jane,     
      The Watsons : a fragment / Jane Austen ; edited by R.W. Chapman. Cold Spring Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1985
      The Literary criticism of T. S. Eliot : new essays collected and edited by David Newton-de Molina. Adriance Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1977
      The Declaration of Independence and other great documents of American history, 1775-1864 [electronic   eBook 2012
      African-American poetry [electronic resource] : an anthology, 1773-1927 / edited by Joan R. Sherman.   eBook 2012
9780486112251 : Bellamy,     
      Looking Backward [electronic resource].   eBook 2012
9780486112510 : Jefferson, Thomas,     
      The Jefferson Bible: the Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth [electronic resource] / Thomas Jefferso   eBook 2012
9780486114477 : Twain, Mark,     
      Personal recollections of Joan of Arc [electronic resource] / Mark Twain.   eBook 2012
9780486114620 : Kafka, Franz,     
      The trial [electronic resource] / Franz Kafka ; translated by David Wyllie   eBook 2012
9780486114798 : Daley, James.     
      The world's greatest short stories [electronic resource] / James Daley.   eBook 2012
9780486117607 : Lagerlöf, Selma,     
      The wonderful adventures of Nils [electronic resource].   eBook 2013
9780486119984 : Flores, A.     
      First Spanish Reader [electronic resource]. : A Beginner's Dual-Language Book / Angel Flores.   eBook 2012
9780486120010 : Florit, Eugenio.     
      Introduction to Spanish Poetry [electronic resource] : A Dual-Language Book.   eBook 2012
9780486121772 : Appelbaum, Stanley.     
      A Second Spanish Reader [electronic resource]. : A Dual-Language Book / Stanley Appelbaum.   eBook 2012
9780486129921 : Riis, Jacob.     
      How the Other Half Lives [electronic resource] / Jacob Riis   eBook 2012
9780486130699 : Northup, Solomon,     
      Twelve years a slave [electronic resource] / Solomon Northup ; introduction by Philip S. Foner   eBook 2012
9780486135151 : Davis, Morton D.,     
      Game theory [electronic resource] : a nontechnical introduction / by Morton D. Davis ; with a forewor   eBook 2012
9780486172866 : Marchesi, Mathilde,     
      Bel canto: a theoretical & practical vocal method [electronic resource].   eBook 2014
9780486200132 : Bartram, William,     
      Travels of William Bartram / edited by Mark Van Doren. Adriance Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1955
9780486200187 : Munsterberg, Hugo,     
      Sculpture of the Orient Hugo Munsterberg. New Paltz Adult:IN LIBRARY USE   Book 1972
9780486200224 : Andrews, Edward Deming,     
      The gift to be simple : songs, dances and rituals of the American Shakers / by Edward D. Andrews. Chatham Adult:STORAGE, Claverack Adult:items being moved, New Lebanon Adult:IN LIBRARY USE   Book 1967
9780486200385 : Wilson, Ernest Henry,     
      Aristocrats of the trees. Millbrook Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1974
9780486200934 : Donner, Jörn.     
      The films of Ingmar Bergman : from Torment to All these women / Translated by Holger Lundbergh. Ulster, Town of-Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1972
9780486201252 : Hornung, Clarence P.,     
      Hornung's Handbook of designs & devices / 1836 basic designs and their variations by one of America's Rosendale Adult:IN LIBRARY USE   Book c1946
9780486201290 : Calder, Alexander,     
      Animal sketching. Adriance Adult:CHECKED IN, West Shokan/Olive Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1973
9780486201450 : Kettell, Russell Hawes.     
      The pine furniture of early New England / Russell Hawes Kettell. Adriance Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1956
9780486201528 : Jayne, Caroline Furness,     
      String figures and how to make them : a study of cat's-cradle in many lands / by Caroline Furness Jay Adriance Adult:CHECKED IN, New Paltz Adult:CHECKED IN, Rosendale Adult:CHECKED IN, Stone Ridge Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1962
9780486202198 : Young, Edward,     
      Night thoughts : or, The complaint and the consolation / illustrated by William Blake ; text by Edwar Greenville Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1975
9780486202310 : Day, JoAnne C.     
      Early American cut & use stencils / JoAnne C. Day. Esopus Adult:CHECKED IN, Germantown Adult:CHECKED IN   Book c1975
9780486202426 : United States.     
      Basic construction techniques for houses and small buildings simply explained. Hunter Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1972
9780486202631 : Wallis, Charles Langworthy,     
      American epitaphs, grave and humorous, by Charles L. Wallis. Fishkill Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1973
9780486202815 : Sullivan, Louis H.,     
      The autobiography of an idea / foreword by Claude Bragdon ; with a new introd. by Ralph Marlowe Line, Mahopac Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1956
9780486202877pbk : Bentley, W. A.     
      Snow crystals / by W.A. Bentley and W.J. Humphreys. Millbrook Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1962
9780486202990 : Pascin, Jules,     
      Pascin: 110 drawings. Selected, edited, and introduced by Alfred Werner. Woodstock Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1972
9780486203263 : Slocum, Joshua,     
      Sailing alone around the world / Joshua Slocum; illustrated by Thomas Fogarty and George Varian. Hudson Adult:CHECKED IN, Stone Ridge Adult:CHECKED IN, West Shokan/Olive Adult:CHECKED IN, Woodstock Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1956
9780486203430 : Thompson, Daniel V.,     
      The practice of tempera painting / by Daniel V. Thompson ; illustrated by Lewis E. York. Millbrook Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1962
9780486204222 : Stern, Guy,     
      Essential German grammar, by Guy Stern and Everett F. Bleiler. Mahopac Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1961
9780486204598 : Sturtevant, E. Lewis     
      Sturtevant's edible plants of the world / edited by U. P. Hedrick. Rosendale Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1972
9780486204697 : Blesh, Rudi,     
      Classic piano rags; complete original music for 81 rags. Selected and with an introd. by Rudi Blesh. Adriance Adult:CHECKED IN, Millbrook Adult:CHECKED IN   Book c1973
9780486204703 : Sanger, Margaret,     
      Margaret Sanger; an autobiography. Adriance Adult:IN LIBRARY USE   Book 1971
9780486204871pbk : Bierce, Ambrose,     
      The devil's dictionary / Ambrose Bierce. Garrison Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1993
9780486205045 : United States.     
      Common weeds of the United States / Prepared by the Agricultural Research Service of the United State New Paltz Adult:CHECKED IN, Rhinebeck Adult:CHECKED IN, Rosendale Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1971
9780486205465 : Potter, Beatrix,     
      The tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. Marlboro Children:CHECKED IN   Book 1973
9780486205823 : Ickis, Marguerite,     
      The standard book of quilt making and collecting / by Marguerite Ickis. Germantown Adult:CHECKED IN, Haines Falls/Tannersville Adult:CHECKED IN, New Paltz Adult:DUE 11-10-19, Stanfordville Adult:CHECKED IN, Stone Ridge Adult:CHECKED IN, Woodstock Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1959
9780486205854 : Bolton, Ethel Stanwood,     
      American samplers / by Ethel Stanwood Bolton and Eva Johnston Coe. Esopus Adult:CHECKED IN, Woodstock Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1973
9780486206042 : Marshall, Frank James,     
      Marshall's best games of chess, by Frank J. Marshall. Adriance Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1960
9780486206202 : Botvinnik, M. M.     
      One hundred selected games / M.M. Botvinnik ; translated by Stephen Garry. New Paltz Adult:CHECKED IN   Book 1960
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