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Friday, October 19, 2007

Absolutely Outrageous

We don't care if your skin is white, black, red, purple, green or yellow.

And we never have.


And when it comes to the so-called "Jena Six" we keep our mouth shut because we are hazy on the facts of the case.

The facts of the case.

But we do know enough to know that 6 kids jumped 1 kid and beat him badly enough to put him in the hospital.

That fact has never been in dispute.

And a court of law will ultimately determine what that all means.

Not that it matters to BET television.

The television channel brought two of the six bullies to their Hip-Hop award show last night and allowed the two to present an award to Kayne West on stage.

The host of the award show introduced the two bullies this way:

"By no means are we condoning a six-on-one beat-down," Williams said during his introduction of the teens, one of whom is still facing attempted murder charges in connection with the attack on white student Justin Barker. "... But the injustice perpetrated on these young men is straight criminal."
Whatever Williams, you schmuck.

Who are these BET executives?

And where is the outcry from our (multi-colored) communities?