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Friday, June 13, 2008

What An 18% Congressional Approval Rating Looks Like Just Under The Surface

At what point in time does the American taxpayer just pick up a brick and toss it through a window?

It might be sooner than everyone thinks.

And Senator Dodd, God dammit, we actually talked up your presidential campaign.

What the f*ck were you thinking?


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Senator Dodd

Senator Dodd is getting antsy.

And we can't blame him. Dodd ran his campaign for President on issues and ideas. And then bowed out gracefully when the time came for him to do so.

The man should be the next Senate Majority Leader, if the Democratic Party had any self-respect left to pull the trigger.

Of course, that's someone else's problem.

But can anyone imagine the Obama/Clinton fight going on right now if Democratic leadership more competent than Howard Dean, Harry Reid and (probably) Nancy Pelosi were in charge?

We can't.

We wonder if, given the current situation, the Clintons thank their lucky stars that Howard Dean actually ended up becoming head of the Democratic Party over their strenuous objections a couple of years back?

Politics is a weird, weird business.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chris Dodd Will Endorse Obama Today

A nice pick-up for Barack Obama.

What's next for the Senator from Connecticut? "Senate Majority Leader Chris Dodd"?

Could be.

Absolutely could be.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Hampshire Shouldn't Let ABC & Fox Go And Do Something Stupid

This is a tough argument for us to make as it (probably) works against our man McCain, but...

The New Hampshire Primary is the "Laboratory of Democracy" (it really, really is, God bless it).

Therefore, ABC & Fox should let all major candidates participate in their upcoming New Hampshire debates.

Yes, that includes Chris Dodd, Dennis Kucinich and Joe Biden on the Democratic side (Noted: Well said Mr. Buckley).

And Ron Paul on the Republican side (Noted: Well said Mr. Cullen).

If New Hampshire is serious about maintaining it's first-in-the-nation relevance, allowing ABC or Fox to start banning major candidates from debates on the eve of the Primary = Not. So. Smart.

We're just saying.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

NH Dem Comm Directors "Batton Down The Hatches", Clacker To Do Radio Tomorrow Morning To Discuss Tonight's Debate

GMP1 will be chatting with Arnie Arnesen at about 6:30am tomorrow to discuss tonight's debate in Nevada.

Catch us on the radio at 1110 AM (if you live in southern NH or northern MA).

Or the live stream is here.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dodd Talks Education And Fried Food

Senator Dodd was in Tilton, NH today to talk education at the Tilt'n Diner.

In our picture, Dodd chats with up and coming NH healthcare activist Caitlin Stanley while Caitlin's grandmother, Carol Murray, looks on.

Kate Davidson of the Concord Monitor has the call for the MSM regarding Dodd's education plan.

Garry Rayno of the Union Leader weighs in as well.

We drove up from Manchester to see Dodd work. And yes, we had to be out of bed before 11am to do it.


But worth it. Because seeing the so-called "2nd tier candidate" in action reminds us just how strong the Democrat field as a whole is.

And just how weak the Republican field as a whole is.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Elliott Does Dodd

The AP's Phill Elliott has a piece up on Chris Dodd.

Well worth the read.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Edwards Camp Moves Forward In New Hampshire

The Edwards camp sent out a press release this morning trumpeting the opening of 8 new campaign offices in New Hampshire (Berlin, Dover, Derry, Keene, Laconia, Lebanon, Nashua and Portsmouth) The campaign already has community offices in Concord and Manchester.

The campaign also announced the hiring of 11 new field staffers, which brings the total number of Edwards staffers in NH to 40.

Although "conventional wisdom" thinks we're nuts (probably for more than just one reason), we believe that the Democrat most likely to take down Hillary Clinton (if she can even be taken down) is John Edwards.

And yes, we are aware of Obama's very impressive 250,000.

And that Chris Dodd is running a great race so far (with not a lot of traction).

And don't get us started on the failed former Energy Secretary.

We like Edwards chances for two reasons.

First, his politics are a "big side of Democrat to go along with your serving of Democrat".

Which is they way to be in a Democratic primary fight.

Second, and almost more importantly, Edwards has been through this "microwave" before. In 2004.

Crib Note: Seasoned and hardened and vetted. At the Presidential level.

Which is a significant advantage over every other Democrat running with the exception of Hillary Clinton.

Microwave candidate v. Microwave candidate in the '08 Democratic Primary? Time will tell.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Consequence Of The Game Having Changed

There were a few folks who early on picked up on what Chris Dodd's campaign was doing with New Media (the guys over at Blue Hampshire most notably).

Today Dodd went on YouTube and spoke directly to the voters, bypassing (like a locomotive screaming through the night) all "traditional media filters".

Dodd's message (content) is between Dodd and the voters.

The way Dodd delivers his message is, we think, here to stay in a big way.

Monday, June 04, 2007

"Pack" Journalism

575+ of us came. 575+ of us saw. 575+ of us didn't learn much.

Shame on us. Because we don't think that many of "us" get it. And we are quite sure that many of "us" aren't trying.

But we know The Politico's Roger Simon "gets" it. So does Mark Halperin, who did his best with the slop we were served last night.

We are stunned at the time, money and manpower that went into a "debate" where the moderator got more speaking time than 6 of the 8 candidates.

And not nearly enough was said about David Walker. Not. Nearly. Enough.

But the salmon buffet was nice. And we did see some of our friends from the media. And it was on CNN's dime. So...

Inside Basball Snark to one of our Clacker neighbors from last night: When people are sitting really, really close to one another there is not a whole bunch of privacy.

So, if you send a email that refers to your neighbor as "that Monday Morning Fucker" well, chances are your "fucker" neighbor is going to see it.

And that "fucker" neighbor might be tempted to tell his 400 friends in the old and new media that a well known blogger, who is nothing if not a shrill one trick pony on the Iraq War, looked completely lost when the conversation last night turned to Bob Kerrey's recent Iraq War Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

It was kinda a big deal. And not knowing about it well, it makes you look ignorant.

Even if we are a "fucker".

We're just saying.

Friday, June 01, 2007

"Global", Dodd's New Ad

We like Chris Dodd. He's a "side of Democrat to go along with your serving of Democrat".

Which doesn't hurt in a Democratic Primary.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dodd's Got The "Only Responsible Measure In Congress" To Deal With Iraq?

Senator Dodd's first spot of the 2008 campaign is running in New Hampshire (and in Iowa and on cable). We're quite sure that Dennis Kucinich will take offense to it.

But we like the spot. Dodd is an unapologetic Democrat and if we're ever going to vote Democrat - oh boy are we going to vote Democrat!

Bring on the corporate carbon tax!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Party. Nuff Said.

Who: Phil Elliott, Mr. New Hampshire AP, is having a birthday bash.

Why: Because he likes parties. And so does everyone else.

When: Saturday, May 19th, 8:00pm

Where: Strange Brew Tavern, downtown Manchester, New Hampshire

We are quite sure that every single Presidential campaign in New Hampshire will have a representative(s) there (yes, most likely even John Cox).

Note To Various Communication Directors: Phil has made it very clear that this party is all off the record. And everyone is required to play nice. We respect that.

Note To Various Gang of 500 Members in town for the Obama/41/42 visits: Sure, anyone can sit with David Axelrod in DC and get spun. But why not come on down and party with the first-in-the-nation "little" people?

You know, where the real action is.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Clacker Interviews Chris Dodd

Eagle-eyed viewers will recognize the back of George Stephanopoulos's head. We took the photo about 10 minutes before Chris Dodd sat down with George for an interview today in New Hampshire.

We interviewed Chris Dodd about 45 minutes after Stephanopoulos did.

Hey, no one is going to argue that we're Network.

Our interview has Dodd's energy plan, his plan to deal with the war in Iraq (and why he disagrees with the Kucinich plan) and what New Hampshire voters are saying around their kitchen tables.

Unedited. No Snark.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sound Smart At This Weekend's Cocktail Parties - A NH Primary Cheat Sheet

We've been told that imitation is the highest form of flattery and there is nothing that we would rather imitate than Mark Halperin's The Note.

On that Note, we've prepared 5 questions that The Gang of 500 should be prepared to answer if they wish to sound smart talking about the New Hampshire Primary at Concord/Manchester/DC/Manhattan/Chevy Chase cocktail parties this weekend.

Questions are ranked from the least important to most important. Our (humble) answers are at the bottom

5. Will tonight's Governor Lynch forum on the the New Hampshire Primary recognize that Wyoming is the most serious threat to New Hampshire's political clout in decades?

4. Will Chris Dodd find traction in New Hampshire at the bottom of a green glass of beer?

3. Will the NH Gang of 15 hear (HEAR!) Mike Huckabee's killer NHPR Exchange interview from this morning and realize what NH GOP Primary voters already know - That it might always be about the money but being the most conservative candidate in a conservative race isn't so bad either, especially when you start as early as Huck has?

2. Does the John Edwards speech on poverty at St. Anselm College tomorrow worry Team Clinton's NH handlers more than Obama's (2.0) NH office opening on Monday?

1. Will a smiling John Weaver step off the plane from Iowa on Friday night in Nashua and stay smiling all the way until Monday morning?

And our answers:

5. Yes, it's almost time to panic. Unless Lynch knows the difference between 1% and 3%.

4. Yes, but it's almost impossible to find running room outside the Dem 3 in this state.

3. No, but GreenMountainPolitics1 looks forward to writing a "we told you so" in July.

2. Yes. Edwards is the biggest threat to Hillary and she knows it.

1. Probably not, but we're going to offer to buy him a Budweiser (bottle) anyway.

Happy Cocktailing!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Chris Dodd Goes To Keene! (actually he doesn't but we do learn how professional Dodd's campaign staff really is) And Other Odds & Ends

Some things we would like you to remember as the New Hampshire Primary hits warp speed -

The Gang of 500 likes The Big 6 - McCain, Giuliani, Romney, Clinton, Edwards and Obama.

GreenMountainPolitics1 likes the Big 4 - McCain, Huckabee, Edwards and Dodd.

The Union Leader likes Chris Dodd and gives him good press (which he deserves).

GreenMountainPolitics1 does to (which everybody deserves).

We think the fact that Senator Dodd's campaign staff sent us a personal and timely email notifying us of today's Keene event cancellation bodes well for the Senator quickly moving out of single digits in a state where everyone knows everyone and everybody talks. We think that RUDEy might want to Note Dodd's NH behavior. Even if we are only a humble Blogspot blog.

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (a/k/a Kos) and Bull Dog Pundit (of Ankle Biting Pundits) believe that Hillary Clinton's Iraq Answer "Problem" is new news. So does a lot of dead weight in the Gang of 500.

GreenMountainPolitics1 says, "Only if you consider 'new' news something we've been writing about for 4 months." Please give the link time to load, there is a lot of "new" news there.

John Edwards likes this sort of talk.

The Dean of the New Hampshire Press corp, John DiStaso, writes in his latest Granite Status column of the sounds of silence coming from McCain's NH operation.

GreenMountainPolitics1 believes that McCain's NH Campaign Manager, Jim Martin, and his Field Director, Bryan Bernys, know exactly what they are doing. We expect the two of them to put on a clinic during Cindy McCain's visit tomorrow.

Finally, we look forward to meeting New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson for the first time at a house party in Tilton tonight. We plan on asking him to sign our Bible, The Way To Win.

We also plan on asking him if the ghost of Wen Ho Lee has chased him all the way to the Granite State.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Juggernaut! As Hillary Clinton Does New Hampshire She Still Has Iraq Issues

GreenMountainPolitics1 is a big fan of John Edwards.

We believe that he is the only candidate with the campaign organization, policy positions and charisma to take on Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for President in 2008.

Not that it will be easy.

At a Concord High School town hall meeting today, Team Hillary showed 1,500 New Hampshire voters that John Edwards (and anyone else that wants a shot at the champ) is in for a knife fight.

Hillary's event was a model on how to plan and execute political events in the modern presidency.

Every detail, no matter how small, was managed by Team Hillary to maintain control of the candidate, her image and her message while in the public eye.

The room was set-up to maximize favorable still and TV shots of Hillary interacting with voters. The audio and lighting was excellent, the bleachers were packed with Clinton supporters and crowd control was first rate.

Hillary's campaign staff truly put together a Presidential level event. Their experience and savvy is a definite advantage over every other '08 candidate except for John McCain (Weaver/Dennehy/Nelson know the score).

But let's not forget Hillary herself.

Hillary Clinton is whip smart, articulate and battle tested . She speaks well on the stump, is visibly relaxed and seems to feel comfortable talking with voters and shaking their hands.

And, the old gal knows how to give the media what it (and she) wants.

During the Q&A portion of the town hall meeting Hillary took a question from two boys representing Victory NH, a advocacy group dedicated to protecting New Hampshire's First in the Nation Primary.

The boys asked Hillary if they could give her a lapel sticker to show her support for New Hampshire's Primary. "Of course," Hillary replied, gesturing to one of the boys. "Come up on stage and give me the sticker."

She knows a front page picture in the Union Leader when she sees it.

Unfortunately, the first boy dashed up onto stage so fast that the news photographers weren't ready to take the pictures. So Hillary, who realized what happened and without missing a beat, motioned the second boy up on stage to take his lapel sticker and get the photograph she wanted.

She is smart, self-aware and savvy. Her staff is A+.

Team Hillary is a legitimate juggernaut.

But Team Hillary still has a serious problem with her Iraq War answer. It stinks for a Democratic Primary.

Non-binding resolutions, troop caps, "I wouldn't have taken us to war in 2003 if I were President" and "I will end the war if I am elected President by 2009" DOES NOT pacify Democratic Primary voters who are trying to understand her vote in 2002 to authorize the President to go to war in the first place and DOES NOT help them understand why, if she is so opposed to the Iraq War now, she doesn't join Senator Feingold in cutting off funding for the whole shooting match.

John Edwards (and Dodd, Vilsack and Obama) can't understand it either. And they are going to ask her that very question in a far more pointed and public manner than any of the two or three questions Hillary took on the subject in the Concord gymnasium this afternoon.

Team Hillary clearly believes that she cannot win a general election if she supports Feingold's legislation to cut off funding for the war in Iraq.

The question is if she can win the Democratic Primary if she doesn't.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Welcome To The Freak Show Madame Speaker

Maybe H.R. 508, sponsored by Representative Lynn Woolsey, has a better shot at House passage than we originally thought.

We have always believed that H.R. 508, which cuts off funding for the Iraq War and re-deploys all American troops out of Iraq within six months, was dead on arrival in the U.S. House of Representatives.

We've argued that under no circumstances would the Democratic Leadership allow a bill cutting off funding for the whole war reach the House floor.

"Speaker Pelosi has her eyes on the '08 prize," we'd confidently proclaim, draining yet another Irish Car Bomb at Manchester, New Hampshire's Strange Brew Pub. "She knows that you don't win a Presidential election in '08 being known as the Party that cut off funding for the Iraq War."

And then, before we burped, "Of course, we think she's wrong. And so does John Edwards, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson."

(Diarist Note: We support the troop surge but we think the Iraq War might very well sink any '08 candidate who doesn't favor an immediate troop withdrawal right now)

But Grandmother Pelosi doesn't care what I think. Or what Edwards, Dodd and Richardson think. Or even what her newly elected anti-Iraq Democratic House members think (who I refer to as the "Anti-War Establishment" and Dick Morris refers to as the "New Left").

Speaker Pelosi thinks what she thinks and that's it.

And, as House Madame of the House of Representatives, she will nut cut anyone who crosses her.

As we've said before, you don't become the first female Speaker in the history of our Republic by loving your grandchildren and smelling really, really nice.

Which is why the Anti-War Establishment has been so timid in actually taking her on. Even though we believe (and they do to) that their very re-election depends on passing strong anti-Iraq War legislation.

But that was then.

Now we think we see some of the Speaker's blood in the water. And, even if it's just a little bit, we bet the Anti-War Establishment smells it.

We are of course talking about the moronic air travel flap that has been dogging the Speaker for over a week.

If you care to dignify stupidity you may read the ABC News story here. Or the LA Times story here.

While we are not fans of Speaker Pelosi, the substance of this story (what little there is) shows that at worst the Speaker is a little tone deaf.

We believe this flap to be nothing more than a tempest in a teapot.

But the "Freak Show", what Mark Halperin describes as a unholy conveyor belt of blogs, talk radio, Drudge and 24-hour cable news, doesn't often stop to consider substance. Especially when it's dealing with a Democratic Speaker of the House.

So the Freak Show is doing what it does - it's freaking.

But the Freak Show isn't the real problem in this example.

The real problem is that Speaker Pelosi lost control of her public image so easily. The real problem is that his foolish story has been hanging around for a week. The real problem is that this story was allowed to work its way out into the Old Media in the first place.

Speaker Pelosi looks weak and she looks foolish.

And with her House taking up the Iraq War debate next week she cannot afford to look weak and foolish if she intends to keep her own caucus in line. Let alone handle the Republicans.

Like we said earlier, maybe Woolsey's bill has a chance after all.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Senator John McCain tells Bill's Wife, "Be A Man!"

No matter how much that putz Cliff Schecter yips and yaps, America knows where the Senior Senator from Arizona stands on the issues.

America always has.

And, whether or not you agree with the proposed troop surge, Senator McCain has consistently argued that more troops are needed in Iraq to help stabilize Baghdad, prevent the outbreak of a wider regional war and finish the job that 373 members of Congress voted to start in 2002.

GreenMountainPolitics1 wholeheartedly supports the Senator's support of the surge.

Not because the surge is easy and politically expedient.

It isn't.

Not because we are "war mongers" who are "lost in the delusions of empire".

We aren't.

We support the surge because we believe that if America remains unable to stabilize Iraq that the long-term consequences to our national security and our economic interests will be catastrophic.

Which is why this anti-war activist from 2003 has joined Senator McCain in supporting what we feel is the right way forward in Iraq today.

Furthermore, we agree with the Senator's recent comments regarding Congressional support for a non-binding resolution opposing President Bush's Iraq Strategy:

"I don't think it's appropriate to say that you disapprove of a mission and you don't want to fund it and you don't want it to go, but yet you don't take the action necessary to prevent it.

I do believe that if you really believe that this is doomed to failure and is going to cost American lives, then you should do what's necessary to prevent it from happening rather than a vote of 'disapproval’.
How's that for some straight talk?

We have said time and again that if you don't favor the troop surge and you don't favor cutting off funding to end the whole war then, by default, you are in favor of staying the course in Iraq.

Which is why we find Hillary Clinton's recent comments on Iraq Strategy so interesting.

Bill's wife now says that she would not have gone to war in the first place and promises to end the war in '09 if elected President.

But why doesn't Hillary just end the conflict right now by supporting Senator Feingold's bill to cut off funding for the war?

John Edwards and Chris Dodd are putting their political capital where their mouths are and support the bill (which is why we are so fond of them, misguided though they are).

Why doesn't Hillary Clinton have the power of her convictions?

Isn't she man enough?

That goes for you to Nancy "Grandma" Pelosi.

Your favorables are currently up, but for how long? How long can you keep the New Left at bay? How much longer can you let political calculations interfere with what you feel is right?

Senator McCain's support of the surge might well cost him the Presidency (we "Clackers" rarely lose something in support of anything, which is why people go into punditry in the first place).

But even the very real threat of losing what he has worked for his entire life is not enough to make Mr. Straight Talk avoid doing what he feels is right.

Which is why we love him.

And it is why we are skeptical of so many of the Anti-War Establishment.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Chris Dodd Visits New Hampshire And Makes His Case For Dark Horse Status

John Weaver, Senator McCain's senior political advisor, said it best when he commented Saturday on the Democratic field for '08, "The Clinton, Obama, Edwards chain match will be hard to avert my eyes from, speaking as a pure spectator of course."

John Weaver as political spectator?


Setting aside Weaver's tongue in cheek, the Big Three will be interesting to watch. Very interesting indeed.

And, with a mere 2 years to go before a new President is sworn in, we at GreenMountaintainPolitics1 have already passed judgement on which of The Big Three we believe should be the Democratic nominee in '08.

Our claim that John Edwards is the Democratic candidate best positioned to win a general election is not an endorsement of Senator Edwards or his policies (though we do like Senator Edwards quite a bit).

We are simply talking electability and we are doing it from the cheap seats. No more, no less. Like always at GreenMountainPolitics1.

But what about the Democratic Dark Horses?

What if one of the Big Three were to falter? Or, GASP, one of the Big Three was convinced by his Party not to actually run (Obama) and another's campaign blew apart under the weight of it's own mass (Clinton)?

Then the Big Three would be down to the Single One.

Who would step up to challenge that Single One for the Democratic nomination?

That question brings us to the part in this movie where the little boy playing the part of Chris Dodd throws his hand into the air and yells, "I would! I would!"

Senator Dodd would like the opportunity to challenge that Single One.

And, after seeing him last night at The Lazy Lion Cafe in Deerfield, NH, we think he might do a good job at it to.

Of course, Dodd's path to the Democratic nomination is still hard to visualize. There is a lot of high profile talent throwing elbows just to be considered the Party's "second-choice" right now.

We all already know that Senator Biden and Governor Vilsack are legitimate 2nd tier candidates waiting for one of the Big Three to falter. GreenMountainPolitics1 looks forward to interviewing those two rascals later on the NH campaign trail.

We all already know that Governor Richardson is running for the Vice Presidency and not the Presidency (although his stint at DOE will make even a VP slot tough for the otherwise attractive candidate).

Dodd is running into a crowded field. And he knows it.

However, he told the crowd at the Lazy Lion Last night that he would prevail once voters hear his ideas and witness the leadership he has shown in the U.S. Senate for the last 25 years.

"I have a lot of confidence in the voters of this state to sort this out," Dodd stated.

Confidence in NH voters aside, we here at GreenMountainPolitics1 think that Dodd has one advantage over both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (but not John Edwards, Vilsack or Biden) - Dodd's stance on the Iraq War.

Let me nuance that a bit - Dodd's plan to move forward in Iraq.

Let me nuance that a bit more - Dodd's plan to move forward in the Iraq War that will please the "Get Out of Iraq Now" left. Or, as Democratic Strategist Dick Morris calls them, The New Left.

And, being able to appease and work with the New Left is no small thing. Especially for a primary.

Last night at the Lazy Lion I watched Senator Dodd do something interesting.

When I asked him about what his plan for Iraq he initially gave the fairly standard "We need to win the Presidency in '08 so we can't allow our Party to be tagged as too soft on National Security by exercising Congress' Power of the Purse and forcing the President to bring the troops home so I really don't have a new way forward please don't tell my base" Democrat answer.

In other words, Dodd initially talked mushy yip-yap about "troop-caps" and "Congressional Oversight" and "Sense of the Senate".

And mushy yip-yap that all is.

Remember, if you are against the troop surge AND you are against cutting off funding for the whole war by DEFAULT you are staying the course in Iraq.

Which means that you're not only part of the Iraq problem, but also that you're a weak-kneed sap who doesn't have the strength of your own convictions.

It's a common theme of ours over here at GreenMountainPolitics1.

Mushy yip-yap - much like what Candidate Clinton has been spooning out when she is asked about Iraq.

And Candidate Obama isn't just giving a mushy yip-yap answer on Iraq, he's giving a mushy QUESTION to the question - "We need to find a new way forward by asking..."

Of course he doesn't have an answer to that question either.

Who's on first?

However, I wrote that mushy yip-yap was how Dodd initially answered my question on Iraq.

When I pushed him with a follow-up question, Chris Dodd left the Reid/Pelosi/Clinton/Obama talking points on the war and told the crowd what he really thought Congress should do.

Clacker: "Senator Dodd, isn't it true that when the rubber hits the road, the only way that you can "hold the President accountable" and "bring a new direction in Iraq" is through exercising Congress' power of the purse? Isn't everything else just showmanship and window dressing?"

Dodd: "Well, I hope it doesn't come to that. I hope that President Bush listens to what the voters said in the election of '06, but yes, I think you are right. We have to go after this thing in stages. And, if we reach the stage where the President is not listening to the Congress then I would support exploring ways to cut funding for the war."

Finally! A Democratic candidate other than Edwards who is is ready to put their money where there mouth is when it comes to the Iraq War.

And, while GreenMountainPolitics1 totally disagrees with Dodd's (and Edwards) position (we wholeheartedly support the surge), we respect his (and Edwards) clarity and conviction.

Because we know that if you claim you want to bring American troops home from Iraq and end the American occupation then you must support cutting off funding for the whole war.

There is no other way. Everything else is mushy yip-yap, surging or staying the course.

And, for now, it looks like Dodd is avoiding the mushy yip-yap on Iraq. Which is why we think he has a (small) chance in the Democratic Primary.

Let the cage match begin.