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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dennis Kucinich Has Beamed Himself Up

Dennis Kucinich is ending his long-shot bid to be President.

Though the Ohio Congressman's politics weren't our politics, Representative Kucinich brought a level of honesty and passion to the Democratic side of the debate that will be missed.

And we will never, ever forget sitting in a Kucinich campaign "Peace Circle" for the better part of 2 hours in a Manchester, New Hampshire restaurant one night about a year ago.


God speed Congressman!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Hampshire Shouldn't Let ABC & Fox Go And Do Something Stupid

This is a tough argument for us to make as it (probably) works against our man McCain, but...

The New Hampshire Primary is the "Laboratory of Democracy" (it really, really is, God bless it).

Therefore, ABC & Fox should let all major candidates participate in their upcoming New Hampshire debates.

Yes, that includes Chris Dodd, Dennis Kucinich and Joe Biden on the Democratic side (Noted: Well said Mr. Buckley).

And Ron Paul on the Republican side (Noted: Well said Mr. Cullen).

If New Hampshire is serious about maintaining it's first-in-the-nation relevance, allowing ABC or Fox to start banning major candidates from debates on the eve of the Primary = Not. So. Smart.

We're just saying.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

NH Dem Comm Directors "Batton Down The Hatches", Clacker To Do Radio Tomorrow Morning To Discuss Tonight's Debate

GMP1 will be chatting with Arnie Arnesen at about 6:30am tomorrow to discuss tonight's debate in Nevada.

Catch us on the radio at 1110 AM (if you live in southern NH or northern MA).

Or the live stream is here.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Well Beam Me Up Mr. Speaker!"

During last night's Democratic debate Dennis Kucinich repeated his claim that he has seen a UFO.

And maybe he has.

Or maybe Kucinich was just channeling his former House colleague from Ohio, James Traficant.

What is it about Ohio Congressmen and outer space?

Monday, June 04, 2007

"Pack" Journalism

575+ of us came. 575+ of us saw. 575+ of us didn't learn much.

Shame on us. Because we don't think that many of "us" get it. And we are quite sure that many of "us" aren't trying.

But we know The Politico's Roger Simon "gets" it. So does Mark Halperin, who did his best with the slop we were served last night.

We are stunned at the time, money and manpower that went into a "debate" where the moderator got more speaking time than 6 of the 8 candidates.

And not nearly enough was said about David Walker. Not. Nearly. Enough.

But the salmon buffet was nice. And we did see some of our friends from the media. And it was on CNN's dime. So...

Inside Basball Snark to one of our Clacker neighbors from last night: When people are sitting really, really close to one another there is not a whole bunch of privacy.

So, if you send a email that refers to your neighbor as "that Monday Morning Fucker" well, chances are your "fucker" neighbor is going to see it.

And that "fucker" neighbor might be tempted to tell his 400 friends in the old and new media that a well known blogger, who is nothing if not a shrill one trick pony on the Iraq War, looked completely lost when the conversation last night turned to Bob Kerrey's recent Iraq War Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

It was kinda a big deal. And not knowing about it well, it makes you look ignorant.

Even if we are a "fucker".

We're just saying.

Monday, May 21, 2007

John Edwards Is Still Talking About His Plan To End The Iraq War

Our heart loves John Edwards' politics.

And, the former U.S. senator from NORTH Carolina has been more forthcoming than either Clinton or Obama in laying out specific policy details.

But the answer he gave in Keene, NH today on ending the Iraq conflict still stinks.

If you think the war is lost then advocate CUTTING OFF THE TROOP FUNDING (we personally do not think the war is lost so we support the troop surge).

That's all there is to it. The only people who believe there is a 3rd way forward in Iraq are Washington politicians.

And, if you act in good faith (and not because of which way the political wind is blowing) we don't believe cutting the funding makes you soft on national security.

Which is why we like Dennis Kucinich so much.

But we are still sweet on Edwards. Even if his Iraq answer needs a little work.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dodd's Got The "Only Responsible Measure In Congress" To Deal With Iraq?

Senator Dodd's first spot of the 2008 campaign is running in New Hampshire (and in Iowa and on cable). We're quite sure that Dennis Kucinich will take offense to it.

But we like the spot. Dodd is an unapologetic Democrat and if we're ever going to vote Democrat - oh boy are we going to vote Democrat!

Bring on the corporate carbon tax!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Taking Aim At Washington's "3rd Way In Iraq"

A "Statesman" who believes that the War In Iraq is unnecessary and truly a lost cause will vote to cut off funding for the war - no matter what the political consequences are.

Dennis Kucinich has done just that:

Democratic leaders are poised to give President Bush another $120 billion ($120,000,000,000) for the war, more than enough money to keep our troops in Iraq through the end of his term and enough money to expand the war into Iran. Democratic leaders want to fund the war while saying they oppose the war. They are promising to use the war as a campaign issue against Republicans in 2008.

We do not have time to discern whether the leaders who say they are for peace yet vote for war are motivated by sincerity, self-deception or duplicity.

A "Statesman" who believes that the War in Iraq is necessary and not yet lost will forcibly advocate his support of the troop surge - no matter what the political consequences are.

John McCain has done just that:

“What struck me upon my return from Baghdad is the enormous gulf between the harsh but hopeful realities in Iraq, where politics is for many a matter of life and death, and the fanciful and self-interested debates about Iraq that substitute for statesmanship in Washington. In Iraq, American and Iraqi soldiers risk everything to hold the country together, to prevent it from becoming a terrorist sanctuary and the region from descending into the dangerous chaos of a widening war. In Washington, where political calculation seems to trump all other considerations, Democrats in Congress and their leading candidates for President, heedless of the terrible consequences of our failure, unanimously confirmed our new commander, and then insisted he be prevented from taking the action he believes necessary to safeguard our country’s interests. In Iraq, hope is a fragile thing, but all the more admirable for the courage and sacrifice necessary to nurture it. In Washington, cynicism appears to be the quality most prized by those who accept defeat but not the responsibility for its consequences.

“Before I left for Iraq, I watched with regret as the House of Representatives voted to deny our troops the support necessary to carry out their new mission. Democratic leaders smiled and cheered as the last votes were counted. What were they celebrating? Defeat? Surrender? In Iraq, only our enemies were cheering. A defeat for the United States is a cause for mourning not celebrating. And determining how the United States can avert such a disaster should encourage the most sober, public-spirited reasoning among our elected leaders not the giddy anticipation of the next election. Democrats who voted to authorize this war, and criticized the failed strategy that has led us to this perilous moment, have the same responsibility I do, to offer support when that failure is recognized and the right strategy is proposed and the right commanders take the field to implement it or, at the least, to offer an alternative strategy that has some relationship to reality.

“Democrats argue we should redirect American resources to the ‘real’ war on terror, of which Iraq is just a sideshow. But whether or not al Qaeda terrorists were a present danger in Iraq before the war, there is no disputing they are there now, and their leaders recognize Iraq as the main battleground in the war on terror. Today, al Qaeda terrorists are the ones preparing the car bombs, firing the Katyusha rockets, planting the IEDs. They maneuver in the midst of Iraq’s sectarian conflict, sparking and fueling the horrendous violence, destroying efforts at political reconciliation, killing innocents on both sides in the hope of creating a conflagration that will cause Americans to lose heart and leave, so they can return to their primary mission – planning and executing attacks on the United States, and destabilizing America’s allies.

There is no "3rd Way" in Iraq.

Only Washington politicians believe in deadlines, timelines, troop caps and non-binding resolutions.

And only Statesmen deserve to be President.

We're just saying.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Peace, Love and Kucinich In New Hampshire

Let a (real) conversation begin?

We caught Dennis Kucinich, the loooong-shot Democratic Presidential candidate, at a Manchester campaign stop last Thursday night.

ABC News' Jennifer Duck has the MSM story here (nice to meet you at the event Jennifer).

About 40 people showed up to talk with Kucinich about "what was on their mind". After forming a "conversation circle", the Ohio Congressman began the meeting by asking everyone "What do you want America to be?"

Their answers were as varied and different as Kucinich's candidacy.

One voter said that he wanted an America where he would "feel the need to send the President a thank-you letter." Another said that he wanted to "be able to travel abroad and not feel ashamed that he was an American." More than a couple of voters talked about wanting "affordable health care". One woman said that she wanted to "harness America's intellectual power to create really good calorie free chocolate."

Who's against good calorie free chocolate?

Kucinich, who sat in the conversation circle like everyone else, took detailed notes, interjected with questions and offered occasional (expansive) comments.

And the (shockingly smart) conversation just flowered. Organically. For 2 hours.

It was one of the more remarkable things that we have seen thus far on the Trail (even if the group spent a solid 5 minutes discussing the merits of a "mandatory salary level for every American worker to be paid for by cutting the Pentagon's budget." That's LEFT baby! Although it doesn't look like the CENTER's economic policies are doing all that hot right now.).

And, we think it is a good sign of Kucinich's chances in New Hampshire.

If he can build some sort of campaign organization in New Hampshire.

Yet another "good sign" for Kucinich?

According to Kucinich, earlier in the day both WMUR-TV and Fox News Channel began their questions to him with something along the lines of, "How does it make you feel that you were so right about the War In Iraq?"

Crib Note to the Big Three Democrat Candidates (and the Democratic Majorities in both Chambers): Your Iraq War "3rd Way" answer stinks and you know it. So does Dennis.

Now, we didn't witness the exchange between the Kucinich and the media, but if it's even remotely true (and we don't think anyone has ever accused Dennis of being a fibber) it's a good sign.

If he can build some sort of campaign organization in New Hampshire.

Notice a pattern?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Loving On James Pindell & Two Office Openings

(photo courtesy of Democracy In Action)

GreenMountainPolitics1 doesn't love on James Pindell of the Boston Globe nearly enough.

Pindell, author of the must-read Primary Source political column, is known around these parts as the "insider's insider".

And, as GreenMountainPolitics1 attempts to claw and scratch its way into the Gang of 500 (hell, we'd settle for being in the Gang of 1000), being known as the insider's insider is something we aspire to.


But it's more than that.

Besides being impeccably sourced, Pindell has a reputation for being a really nice guy.

He gets it first, he gets it right and he's still a nice guy? We think that says something. We've been meaning to say it for awhile.

And, Pindell's recent blurb on Kucinich's office opening gave us the excuse we were looking for.

Because we think it's a little funny that the two campaigns who have absolutely ZERO chance of winning in New Hampshire - Kucinich and John Cox - are two of the very first campaigns with open and functional offices in NH (it doesn't count until I can walk through the front door and pick-up a palm card).

We wonder what the hold-up with the Big Six is.

Don't they take New Hampshire seriously?