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Monday, May 19, 2008

Red State Goes After "Corrupt, FBI Raided, Horse's Behind" Don Young In Alaskan Republican Primary

Times they are a changing: The Republican activists at Red State have slammed the Establishment Republican Leadership in Washington and Alaska.

During a Republican Primary. In a fundraising email that almost makes GMP1 blush.

How very un-Republican.

But a breath of fresh air. Especially when the Establishment Republican Leadership somehow has let that idiot crook Don Young keep his job.

Red State's email on behalf of Young's opponent, Sean Parnell:

Today you are going to waste $10.00. Whether it is at Starbucks getting your carmel mocha skinny latte and bagel or at McDonalds or at the vending machine -- you are going to waste $10.00.

It's probably going to be on empty calories too.

Before the sun sets today, you are also going to cuss about the idiot leadership within the GOP that won't clean house to get its credibility back.

To save your language and your waist line, allow me to offer a constructive suggestion.

Give that $10.00 to Sean Parnell. He is the Lieutenant Governor of Alaska running against Don Young in the Republican Primary.

If can't spare $10.00 to defeat a corrupt, FBI raided, horse's behind like Don Young, you probably should just keep your mouth shut when it comes to complaining about the GOP.

But if you really want to solve the problem instead of just complaining, $10.00 to Sean Parnell will go several steps in the right direction. And that's $10.00 that will change the party instead of your waist line.

$10.00. It's a small price to pay to clean up the GOP and send a message loudly and clearly that we, as Republicans, intend to crush Don Young at the ballot box and reclaim our party.

Let's get Sean Parnell elected.

If you prefer not to give online, mail a check to Parnell for Congress, P.O. Box 100719, Anchorage, AK 99510. Be sure to include your employer and occupation (the law requires it).

All the best,

Erick Erickson