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Monday, March 31, 2008

Kathleen Rogers, President Of Earth Day Network: "The [Presidential] Candidates Are Not Being Asked About Climate Change."

So says Ms. Rogers of the Earth Day Network in this Washington Times article.

We have no idea if her statement is true or not.

We haven't (really) been out on the campaign trail since January. And trying to gauge what's really happening out on the trail through the filter of General Electric/Disney/News Corp/etc is like trying to jump rope with a blindfold over your eyes.

However, we do know that in the 15 months we spent on the trail in New Hampshire in the run-up to its primary we heard a lot about climate change. And a good deal of that interest was organic, unorganized by any interest group.

If Ms. Rogers and the (well funded? large membership?) Earth Day Network are concerned with a lack of candidate intercepts on the trail, we appreciate and share their concern. We want this country to get off of fossil fuels entirely. And as quickly as possible.

And holding McCain/Clinton/Obama's feet to the fire is the only way to do it.

But might we suggest that the Earth Day Network (and Google) spend their time and resources organizing a ground game in the battleground states rather than on some chickensh*t publicity stunt involving the Congressional phone bank?

Because the phone bank deliverable is a deliverable not even worth delivering.

And just because you're on the side of angles doesn't mean that you don't bring a gun to a knife fight.

We're just saying.