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Monday, August 04, 2008

Yup, New Hampshire Is Pretty Hot (political) Sh*t

New Hampshire is a political bellwether (again).

So claims the Cook Report's Jenn Duffy in an article in today's New York Times highlighting the Jeanne Shaheen/John Sununu Senate race:

“It’s probably the best test out there of a political climate being a Republican incumbent’s worst enemy,” said Jennifer Duffy of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. “He does constituent service. He shows up to work. He votes. He brings home the bacon. There are not a lot of inherent things wrong with John Sununu except that he is a Republican.”
Take that 49 other states!

Noted: A real Granite Stater would use a local NH publication to make this same point. Of course, we're not a Granite Stater. We're just a Green Mountain carpetbagger who spent 17 months in NH around and during the '08 Primary.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NH's Sununu/Shaheen Race Is Closer Than People Think...

...but that doesn't mean that Team Shaheen ain't kicking Team Sununu's ass on optics.

Which counts. Especially in a close election.

The above pictures are taken from a Shaheen press release showing (according to them) the enthusiasm of Shaheen supporters at the former Governor's filing on June 6 vs. the lack of anyone at Sununu's filing on June 9th.

Two words Team Sununu: Ground. Game.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Bonnie Raitt Hopes To Make Jeanne Shaheen Feel Like A Natural Woman In New Hampshire

U.S. Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen has already hired 8/10ths of the Democratic political talent who worked during the '08 New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

Now the former Governor is going after some of the Primary's star endorsements as well.

Bonnie Raitt, who previously endorsed John Edwards, is coming back to the Granite State to do a concert for Shaheen.

From the Shaheen press release:

The Jeanne Shaheen for Senate campaign announced today that Bonnie Raitt will visit New Hampshire on August 12, 2008, to play a fundraising concert on behalf of former Governor and current U.S. Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen. Joined by special guest The Refugees, Raitt and her band will hold a concert at Concord's Capitol Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets will be sold exclusively at beginning June 9 at 10:00 AM.
On a related note, has anyone seen or heard from her opponent John Sununu?

We certainly haven't. And we're now into June.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Jeanne Shaheen, Candidate For U.S. Senate, Does 10 & 1/2

[We cross posted this interview at NOW!]

Jeanne Shaheen, the first woman to be elected governor of New Hampshire (in 1996, ’98 and ‘00), is running against John Sununu for the opportunity to represent the Granite State in the United States Senate.

The 2008 contest between Governor Shaheen and Senator Sununu is a re-match of their 2002 campaign for Senate (Senator Sununu won that contest 51% to 47%).

Mrs. Shaheen most recently served as Director of the Harvard Institute of Politics.

Mrs. Shaheen lives in Madbury, New Hampshire with her husband, Bill.

We thank Governor Shaheen for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions. As always, our interview is run in its entirety, with no editing or snarky commentary.

1. Governor Shaheen, this is your second run for the United States Senate and your sixth campaign overall – how has politics/campaigns changed since you first ran for elected office in 1990?

One of the biggest changes is how the Internet has allowed me to connect with so many New Hampshire families in a new way. With the Internet, voters can interact with the campaign much more directly, voters can read about issues at greater length with greater ease, and we can invite more people to an event in a shorter amount of time than if we call. Direct contact with voters is still our primary focus, but the Internet is just one more tool we can use to reach them and discuss the biggest challenges facing New Hampshire’s families.

2. You surprised some people in September of 2007 when announced that you were running again for the U.S. Senate. At the time, you held a great job at Harvard and had already served three successful terms as Governor. What motivated you to run for the Senate this time around?

I decided to run for Senate again because I saw the direction our country is heading in and I wanted to stand up and help us get things back on track. Our country is mired in a seemingly endless war, families in New Hampshire are paying skyrocketing health care costs and too many families can’t afford to send their children to college. I’m running for Senate because New Hampshire’s hard-working families need someone in Washington who will stand up for them, not the special interests.

3. What is a “typical” day like on the campaign trail?

I’ve been traveling to all corners of our beautiful state talking with New Hampshire’s families about the changes we need in Washington and what we can do to strengthen our middle class. Very few days are typical, but the thing I enjoy most is talking with people all over our state and hearing what’s on their minds.

4. You have spent a lot of time traveling around New Hampshire talking to voters, what do you think NH voters top four concerns are?

The four concerns I hear the most about are our health care system, investing in and developing clean energy, ending the war in Iraq, and restoring fiscal accountability in Washington.

5. If you are elected to the Senate, what is the very first thing you would do on your first day?

I will meet with the rest of the New Hampshire delegation to discuss how we can help New Hampshire’s families and small businesses.

6. Both you and Senator Sununu supported regime change in Iraq in 2002. We believe that almost everyone wants American troops out of Iraq as quickly and as responsibly as possible. How would Senator Shaheen handle the Iraq War issue differently than Senator Sununu?

First and foremost, I would hold the Bush administration accountable for their actions and spending. For the past five years, Congress has given Bush a rubberstamp on this war—giving no-bid contracts to Halliburton and refusing to conduct significant oversight. We are spending $343 million a day in Iraq with very little accountability in terms of where that money is going and how it is being spent. Too much is at stake for Congress to sit by and allow Bush’s failed agenda to move forward. We need new leadership in Washington that will end this war and ensure that we are spending our resources as best we can to strengthen our economy and support middle class families.

7. Name one decision that Senator Sununu has made that you agree with.

I appreciated Senator Sununu’s work to recognize the veterans, also known as the Pease Greeters, who mobilize at a moment’s notice to welcome or send-off our brave soldiers.

8. Name one decision that Senator Sununu has made that you disagree with.

There are many issues that are important to New Hampshire’s families on which I disagree with Sen. Sununu. I think we should be expanding student aid, not cutting it. We should be expanding middle class tax cuts instead of giving $13 billion in tax cuts to America’s wealthiest oil companies. Rather than blindly following George Bush’s agenda, we need someone in Washington who will stand up and put New Hampshire’s middle-class families, not the wealthy special interests, first.

9. What is one political truth today that if someone had told you would be true 12 months ago you wouldn’t believe him or her?

That the Bush Administration and its allies in Congress would still be pushing for an open-ended commitment in Iraq.

10. As a high profile figure in the Democratic Party, would you like to comment on the Clinton/Obama contest and guarantee that this interview gets front-paged on The Page?

We’re very lucky to have two excellent candidates running for president, either of whom will do a great job in the White House. I’m very excited to watch whomever we nominate win on Election Day.

10.5 Finally, in the interest of bi-partisanship, please say something nice about a Republican elected official in New Hampshire.

I had a good working relationship with Judd Gregg when I was governor and I look forward to working with him in the U.S. Senate.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Senator Sununu For McCain's VP? The Union Leader Will Make Their Pitch On Sunday

The Union Leader's Saturday teaser.

Noted: Team Shaheen what say you?

Noted 2: It probably would have helped Senator Sununu's chances if he had actually endorsed McCain in the '08 New Hampshire Primary

h/t Matt B.

Monday, March 31, 2008

John Sununu's Good Day

Confirming what we've heard for weeks, it looks like honorary New Hampshire Governor John McCain will make a general election stand in the Granite State.

The McCain/Dennehy strategy?

Doing the exact same thing that they did all fall (and for the last 9 years).

Why mess with perfection?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Manchester GOP Has Lost Its Goddamn Mind

The Manchester Republican Party is planning a August 5th party fundraiser at the Pelham, New Hampshire firing range.

Party faithful will get to blast away with Uzis, M-16 rifles and other automatic weapons.

Jerry Thibodeau, the committee chairman, told the Union Leader newspaper, "The thought just struck me one day: a machine gun shoot. What the heck?"

A machine gun shoot?

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Calling all Independents! Come back into the Republican fold and fire a automatic weapon in Pelham!

Just please try and disregard the Democratic operatives armed with telephoto lenses whose '08 general election direct mail campaigns you will make. Also, please disregard the bad earned media and their "liberal bias".


Noted: GreenMountainPolitics1 has been bow hunting. And we like it. This isn't a anti-Second Amendment post.

What we are saying is that the Manchester GOP is politically tone deaf. Damaging the candidacies of Mayor Guinta and, to a lesser extent, Senator Sununu.

Noted: There is a reason that all(!) the GOP Presidential candidates turned down the Manchester Republican's invitation to come out and shoot guns.

We expect that Guinta and Sununu are probably on the phone with Jerry Thibodeau right now. Sorting it all out.

Friday, June 29, 2007

U.S. Senate Candidate Katrina Swett Wants $31 To Help "These People"

Katrina Swett's campaign is emailing around a fundraising letter in which Swett highlights a just released Suffolk University poll showing Senator John Sununu with a 31% approval rating.

Swett goes on to say:

Sununu's historically low poll numbers are stunning. But should we be surprised that his numbers are so low or should we be more shocked that they are so high? Who exactly are the 31% who think Sununu deserves to be re-elected? Do they know Sununu has walked lockstep with President Bush on the war in Iraq and Bush's prohibition on stem cell research? We can only guess that they have not heard that Sununu has impeded efforts to solve global warming and told New Hampshire voters to 'stop complaining about health care. There is no solution.'

We need to help these people. Lets help get the word out to them about Sununu's abysmal record. That is why Swett for Senate is asking for $31 contributions - a dollar for each percentage of voters who still think Sununu deserves his job.
Who knew "Sununu" was a sickness?