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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Media Matters Helps "The Media" Figure Out How They Blew It So Badly On Iraq

And when we say "The Media" we're not including GMP1 in this particular equation (not that many Gang of 500 members would anyway). We marched against the war before it started.

Noted: But since we now wholeheartedly support a continued and fairly indefinite American troop presence in Iraq, we have been banished to some weird demographic occupied by about 14 other people in the whole United States.

In any event, Media Matters has some interesting new information out to help "The Media" understand how they got snookered by the Bush Administration when it came to Iraq.

Or at least help those members of the 4th estate who weren't sleeping with their sources in the VP's office (they already know how they got snookered).

Worth a look.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lions For Lambs

Anti-war propaganda?


But watch the Gang of 500 go absolutely bananas over this line: "You've already sold the war. Now I'm asking you to help me sell the solution."

Activist Hollywood v. The MSM

Part 2,319

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Turning Heads In Parking Lots

All we can say is that working for a dead tree magazine does have its perks.

Like a bitching expense account.

Which rents you a bitching ride to power around after John McCain on the New Hampshire campaign trail for a day.

And a spot to park that beast in the NH Audubon Society parking lot (compact only!).

Good thing the driver is anonymous.

Oh, sorry, we meant Anonymous.

All in good snark.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Columnist Mark Shields Fancies Himself A Political Strategist

But then again Monday Morning Clacker, a blogger, also fancies himself a political strategist.

Welcome to the Age of the Amateur.

Yesterday, on the Jim Lehrer NewsHour, Mark Shields was asked by Judy Woodruff about the importance of the '08 early primary states. Shields responded:

Nobody has ever been elected president of the United States who did not win the New Hampshire primary or, at the very worst, finished second. Only two have done that. And in Iowa, nobody has ever been nominated who finished less than third.

I think Iowa and New Hampshire are even more important now than they've been in the past. And if I were counseling any candidate, I'd say, "You win Iowa and New Hampshire, don't worry about the others, because the victory will follow you.

We completely agree with Shields.

You can't spell "momentum", "comeback" or "inevitability" without New Hampshire. It's the one "known" in this clulsterf*ck of a nomination process.

And when we say clusterf*ck, we mean clusterf*ck.

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza has the details (his opinion anyway) of what January 29 - February 5 looks like, which is also known as that "crazy time that comes after NH and Iowa".


Monday, June 25, 2007


A very light day today.

First because so much of the political news cycle is currently being dominated by polls and 2Q money.


But also because we spent the past weekend on the water and have a hellish sunburn.

So we're passing the time by reading the Washington Post's 4-part series on Dick Cheney.

It's quite good. So long as you remember that everyone (EVERYONE!) who gives a quote in a Washington Post 4-part series has an agenda.

Including the reporters.

Monday, April 09, 2007

C-Span Gives The Left, Center And Medium Right Some (More) Ammunition

By all accounts, The Cowboy Governor expects and rewards loyalty. Which is why Alberto Gonzales (probably) and Dick Cheney (most definitely) are not going anywhere.

Crib Note: But if Alberto were truly loyal to the President wouldn't he have resigned by now? Good question.

Anyway, although Gonzales and Cheney aren't going anywhere, this does not mean that C-Span can't editorialize their (staid) displeasure - as the cable channel did by using some interesting camera work at a Bush press conference last week.

Stay tuned as Alberto's Capitol Grilling is coming up.

Pay Attention To Details

This nugget just landed in our e-mailbox.

An article in latest issue of Details Magazine discusses 27 agents of change who are "bending the future to their will":

Chief Strategist, John McCain 2008
In a political climate where crossing the aisles is like scaling a razor-wire fence, John Weaver is the rare creature who not only went over but made it back again. After guiding John McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign, Weaver bolted the Republican Party following a blow-out with Karl Rove (remember South Carolina?). He worked for several Democrats in 2002 and 2003 before returning to his role as McCain’s secret campaign weapon. Now he’s tasked with selling his candidate both to voters (he’s leveraging McCain’s Daily Show charisma into free publicity) and to the party’s conservative base, which has long been wary of McCain (Weaver’s encouraging the senator to engage with figures like Jerry Falwell). “I think the most challenging part is being okay with McCain being McCain,” says Weaver. “The natural instinct is to smother with detail and attention until you end up with a candidate that a committee might devise but you couldn’t sell.” Weaver’s got his own edges, as evidenced by his smashing cell phones, tossing suitcases, and even forcing McCain to stick around for a critical press conference. “He said, ‘I’m getting on the bus and leaving,’” Weaver recalls. “And I said, ‘Well, that’s fine, but I’ve got the keys.’” Read that any way you want.
John Weaver - Spacetime Playa' ?

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Manchester Union Leader Editorial Page Is Out Of Touch

It's official.

The Editorial Board of the Manchester Union Leader has become something like your crotchety, out-of-touch great uncle who wanders around the basement of your house swinging his cane at the cat.

"I'm still relevant dammit!" Uncle Union Leader roars.

But few seem to think so.

(Please Note that we said the Union Leader Editorial Page and not John DiStaso, who we consider the Dean of the NH Press Corps).

For decades the conservative Union Leader played Kingmaker in local, state and national political races.

Those days are long gone - look at Union Leader endorsements and overall results from the 2006 election.

There is good reason for Uncle Union Leader's fall into irrelevance - their content is out-of-touch with New Hampshire residents.

For example, this nutty opening paragraph in today's lead editorial, Big Government McCain: Campaign Finance Deformed:

As Senator John McCain tries to convince Republicans that he's the conservative candidate for President in 2008, he has an enormous obstacle to overcome. He still does not believe in the First Amendment.
McCain does not believe in the First Amendment?

John McCain is many things to many people (including, to some, a serious pain in the ass) but there is no way that a 6 year Prisoner of War who comes back from Vietnam and continues to serve his country in the United States Congress is anti-First Amendment.

The only people who believe that are hanging out in the Star Wars Bar surfing Red State.

Which, if the Union Leader isn't careful, is the only place they will be sold.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Joe Biden Crashes Into Ifill Tower, Gang of 500 Toasts S'MORES

Joe Biden knew his campaign for President was in SERIOUS trouble when PBS News Hour anchor Gwen Ifill, one of the driest and most accomplished reporters in media, began her 90 second acceptance speech at tonight's National Press Foundation Annual Awards Dinner with:

"I'd like to thank the Foundation for giving me this opportunity to be articulate."
And then she looks up from her remarks and smirks merrily at the audience.

Who all smirk merrily right back at her.


Glad we caught it at home waiting for 30 Rock.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Mark Halperin Reads Our Blog

Yeah, we can't believe it either.

But the proof is in the digital pudding.

This is GreenMountainPolitics1's post on the similarities between George Bush's 2000 campaign and Barack Obama's 2008 campaign that we wrote on 1/16/07.

We insulted just about everyone with that post.

The Left troll rated us on Daily Kos while the Right heckled us on Red State. "Outrageous" both sides screamed. "Bush is nothing like Obama!"

But we never doubted. The Cowboy Governor and Senator Hunk have more in common that either of them might comfortably admit.

And today our gang of 1 became a mob of 2.

Today ABC News Director Mark Halperin wrote his loyal Note readers to ask:

Will Sen. Barack Obama begin to give a stump speech, a la Bush 1999 (but not Clinton 2007) that he will deliver relentlessly the rest of the year and that allows America to get to know his heart (and his head)?
We think the answer to Mark's question is yes.

But right now we're just enjoying the warm and fuzzy feelings of vindication.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

So Noted!

We're selective about who we love - JUST LOVE - in the media (besides ourselves of course).

GreenMountainPolitics1 will date just about anyone, but we only go steady with David Brooks, John Burns, Jim Leher, Tom Friedman, Charlie Rose, Evan Thomas, David Brancaccio and the entire staffs of Frontline and 60 Minutes.

Today we are adding a new beau to our "steady" list - Mark Halperin, ABC News Political Director and author of the politically famous Note.

We've had our eye on Mark for some time. We read his column almost everyday. We enjoyed his book, The Way To Win, so much that we're getting every '08 Presidential candidate to sign it as they pass through NH.

Even John Cox.

But it was Halperin's column today that really made us fall for him. It's about Biden's gaffe. And it made us laugh so hard that we cried.

Here it is. Prepare yourself.

Just what the 2007 presidential campaign needed — a little bathos, a little poetry, a little offensive language and a little exposed Achilles Heel.

Biden's blunderbluss, bungled blow is not just any old campaign gaffe — although it did follow the textbook Drudge-to-Rush-to-cable news-to-network TV-to-late-night-TV cycle, albeit at lightening speed.

Biden's undoing was an unforced error, out of his own mouth, on the first day of his campaign, as the embodiment of what 99 Senators and all of his campaign advisers possessed with the tools of reason and hearing knew (KNEW!!) would cause him trouble above all else.

So while there is no precise parallel (many of the candidates like to jabber, but Biden is in a category by himself), the comparable moves would be as follows:

Hillary Clinton saying on the first day, "I would look to Bill constantly."

Barack Obama saying on the first day. . . exactly what Biden said, but in the first person.

John Edwards saying on the first day, "Not having a real job anymore means I have the time to do this right."

John McCain saying on the first day, "The way forward on Iraq starts with Iran and ends with North Korea."

Mitt Romney saying on the first day, " No, I won't take my orders from Joseph Smith — they'll come direct from the Angel Moroni."

Rudy Giuliani saying on the first day, "A man's personal life and character has nothing to do with the job of the Presidency."

Chris Dodd saying on the first day, "Just like Joey Liebs, I. . . "

Tommy Thompson saying on the first day: "Working for the president was satisfying, even though he didn't know my name and the press forgot I was still there. But I loved having a driver. HE knew my name. Oh, yessir!"

Mike Huckabee saying on the first day, "As soon as I get the big chair, I'll be able to eat whatever I want. State dinner equals all-you-can-eat buffet."

Tom Vilsack saying on the first day, "I LOVE these jokers who jet in wearing L.L. Bean crap and think they know what it means to be a Hawkeye."

Wes Clark saying on the first day, "If you liked General Haig, you'll REALLY salute General Clark."

Sam Brownback saying on the first day, "The new 11th commandment is, 'Vote for the REAL Republican — me.' "

Newt Gingrich saying on the first day, "I can no longer deny the nation my brilliance. Deal with it!"

Bill Richardson saying on the first day, "This isn't about ego."

Jim Gilmore saying on the first day, "We'll bring back the Confederacy, but we'll call it a 'free trade zone.'"

Dennis Kucinich saying on the first day, "I'm in it to win it."
If you don't think that's funny, well, you don't know what funny is buster!